SPORTS: Interesting Football Facts *Soccer*!

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By Eyizle Ene-Okon


Refree’s have the power to send themselves off , in 1998 refree Martin

Slylvester gave himself a red card after punching a player .

Chris Nicholl , of aston villa scored all four goals in a 2-2 draw

against leicester city in 1976 :(O)

Hero or Villan ?u

The worlds oldest football club was formed in 1857

In 1950 india withdrew from the world cup becuase they weren’t allowed

to play barefoot X_X WOW !!!

In Bangkok 5098 teams competed in the second Bangkok league

seven-a-side competition , with over 35,000 players involved that’s

the largest football tournament ever ! :O

Jose Mohrinio is the only manager in history to win the Champions

League with Porto ! X_X=D>