Society News : Oriental Hotel Saga And The Duell Between Tinubu And AIT’s Boss, Chief Dokpesi.

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By Nelson Amaobi Osuala. 
1st of May 2015,  06:46pm

In light of recent headlines about Bola Tinubu and his alleged wealth acquisition to which even as we speak, there still exists a case in court between Chief Dokpesi’s AIT and Tinubu himself.

Society News had it that the African Independent Television (AIT) with the aide of PDP faithfuls, allegedly gave a startling revelation of the APC’s veteran and Founder’s, numerous billion dollar worth of properties across virtually all nooks and cranny of Lagos specifically and in overseas as an extension.

AIT  alleged that he acquired them during and after his term in office as a former Governor of Lagos. This revelation led to a duell between the duo of His Excellency and the chairman of Daar communications, chief Dokpesi who charged the former for commiting Libel .

The term LIBEL is used in the court of law to describe a situation in which derogatory and defaming remarks are made about an organisation or a person.

It is in my interest to bring to fore, such issues that have raised some worth of a concern to well – meaning Nigerians like myself. 

I wish to revisit by way of a reexamination, the issue of Oriental Hotel located in  victoria Island, lekki pennisula – Lagos and it’s alleged ownership by Jagaban, (Tinubu ) himself.

Every current affairs savvy Nigerian has heard of the stories that it belongs to him. Whether this is true or not, we cannot ascertain as there are many rumours that tails the enormous questionable wealth of the former Governor of Lagos.

However, in an interview conducted by NEGROIDHAVEN, it was revealed according to a well informed Nigerian, who is a qualified and certified electrical Engineer (Name withheld ) as he told our correspondent that the Hotel is to His mind, a property of the Chinese investors, even though the former Governor may have a huge chunk of the shares in the said hotel .

Our intention is not to castigate the man, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, but to stimulate a critically honest and unbiased discussion about Nigerian politicians, their materialistic lifestyles and questionable wealth acquisition.

The Hotel itself is a multibillion naira beautiful masterpiece set in Lagos. The cheapest room according to a reliable source is ₦60,000 per night and the most expensive room is ₦462,000 per night as if to say that expensive room will have queen Elizabeth as the room service attendant to have warranted so much cost.!

My visit to the Hotel was quite fascinating. Wait oh! before you jump to conclusions, let me quickly add that I only went there for Job opportunities, as a Lagos boy. But come to think of it  ” Na where I wan see 462,000 naira to just go slip for one hotel for just a night ? Shey I bi Bill Gate? Even Bill Gate sef no mad to spend dat kind Money!

Well, for what it is worth, This oriental hotel is a master piece,  it is indeed a sight to behold. You need to see the aesthetic qualities with which it was adorned.