A’ Ibom indigene resident in the US compare elections in the US & Nig. See an amusing analysis

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Efio-Ita Nyok|9 November 2016

The United States of America is at the verge of announcing who becomes the next most powerful president in the world. Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Will Americans enthrone a Liberal, left-leaning political philosophy in the Democratic Party? Or, will they elect a Conservative, right-leaning political outlook in the Republican Party? Whichever, the world should be ready to make do with whatever decision they make.

The way and manner Americans have conducted their election contrast with what is obtainable in other political climes especially third world states like Nigeria. Miss Mary Udoimuk, a Nigerian diva from Eket in Akwa Ibom, second class upper graduate of philosophy currently resident in Rosedale, Queens, New York has compared the conduct of general elections in the US and her fatherland, Nigeria.

Miss Udoimuk's analysis is indicting of the integrity of elections in Nigeria. According to her, elections are probably rigged, votes don't count, and the like. She earlier frowned against the practice of officially restricting movement, business in Nigeria on election day by the government unlike what she saw in the States. The Philosopher ends her admiration of the conduct of US elections with a support for Hillary Clinton and a hope that things will change for the good in her fatherland, Nigeria. Hear her out:

'Hillary here, Trump there… US Election buhaha everywhere. With all this noise everywhere, what trills me the most is that on election day in the US, you just vote and continue you're business. Work continues, school continues, shopping continues, delivery continues. Nothing stops because it's an election day except you want it to', Miss Udoimuk observed.

'But my dear country will restrict movements for an election that's probably rigged. Some people are probably killing themselves in Nigeria because of US election, with their votes that don't count😀😀😀. We have a long way to go, but will get there someday. Meanwhile, though it makes no difference but, I stand with Hillary!', she concludes.

I pray with Miss Udoimuk that things change for the good. May we heed the prayers of this beautiful Nigerian. We can get it right Nigeria!

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is a Blogger, the Editor & Publisher of NegroidHaven.org