Client!! I have seen your Bribe —By Ogon Abang

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A bench of judges
Abang Ogon|13 November 2016 
Indeed you have won the Case, an offer too nice for me to reject, justice is not for sell but what money cannot do more money can do, yes Client I have seen your bribe
You truly have no case to answer, they charged you for raping a four years old girl, tomorrow’s judgement will shock them it wasn’t a rape case the four years old lad seduced you into sleeping with her. Yes client!! I saw you bribe.
I love your style and how you roll,   thoughtful you didn’t bring it to my exalted chambers nor anywhere near my Maitama Estate, hard currencies in a septic tank in my mate servants farm and 700million transferred directly to my wife’s account. Yes!! Client I saw your bribe.
Very smart that was, 100 million Naira each for my three mate servants who helped in conveying the cash, Mr Client I have seen your bribe.
The Law cannot Talk, it is us to explain what the law curtails, not to worry just drop my bribe were I can see it.
Ask Hon Segun how he won the case against his poor community and collected 20 heaters of land for his personal use, he dropped my bribe and I saw were he dropped it.
Ask Hon Sam how he won his case when he was accused of lack of educational qualification to hold any elective position, thus he presented a WAEC result he bought from a girls college, I saw were he dropped my bribe.
Ask Hon Emilia how she got to the Senate without participating in at least 30percent of the electoral processes, I saw were she dropped my bribe.
Bribe? It is the most tangible evidence you can ever present before his lordship, it can make white black and turn blue to red, if you don’t have that tangible evidence please don’t come near the court, because your opponent will sure show me were he dropped my bribe and that’s too huge an exhibit for you to escape.
His lordship is no respecter of truth.
Your Lawyer Barr Asanpokoto is indeed very experienced, check his profile he has won many cases, he won total freedom for a man who shot his poor  neighbour’s  wife to dead, I was the judge in that case, I pronounced Discharge and Acquitted, I saw were he dropped my bribe.
He also won in the election petition tribunal for Hon HadIza even when vote cast was above the number of registered voters,I knocked out the case on technicality I saw were he dropped my bribe.
Client, yours is a small case, you raped a child of four year, you have no case to answer just drop my bribe leave my job for me.
The court cannot remain the last hope of a common man when the criminally rich are around, don’t bother about the offence just package your bribe, Barr Asanpokoto cannot lost a case, not when am the judge, he knows were to drop my bribe.
In Large extremely big Ghana-must-go, sure you’d be the highest bidder I have seen were you
Tell your friend Hon Sapale to win his election by hook or crook in the field, let him abscond with the materials and manipulate the result sheets i am here at the tribunal, just guide him and show him were to drop my bribe
I am a senior lawyer,  I must roll with the billionaires club, my price tag depends largely on the magnitude of the offence, just drop my bribe
I remain his lordship, Show me my bribe and get your judgement.