Dear Americans: Please Don’t Vote for Donald Trump —By Eugene Upah

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Eugene Upah|7 November 2016

When the heart of a man is consistently poised to preach hate and discrimination, he does so at the expense of whoever he comes in contact with that is not nursing the same school of thought with him. Republican presidential candidate in the United States of America, John Donald Trump maybe at the verge of clinching victory to the much awaited elections on November 8 to the White House.

The world at this time is standing at akimbo, following proceedings to see how Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton is elected to occupy the most exalted seat in the world, the President of the United States of America and the occupant of the White House. While Clinton is busy reconciling aggrieved factions and spreading the gospel of togetherness, Donald Trump is at the forefront of converging the Red Necks (White Americans) with his usual technical know-how, the gospel of racism and hate against the blacks. He has succeeded in convincing them that immigrants have come to occupy the United States and take jobs which they (White Americans) would have been doing. He lays particular emphasis on Muslims and Jews as the reason behind the terror attacks in the United States and the world over. The big question now is, why are some Americans strongly in support of Trump even when they know he is racist?

Whether we all agree or not, the United States is the seat of power of the world, so if the Americans risk delivering a Trump presidency it means the whole world will be at war with each other. I would briefly explain why. When a man firsts confronts his opponents with verbal attacks rather than dialogue, he equips the opponent into instigating and mobilizing violence within other people who are also enemies to his own enemy. Open confrontation is the tool with which Trump would be tackling most of America’s problems with the world.

This publication is not meant to stage a campaign for Democratic presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton. No. I don’t believe in a Clinton President too much either, but for the world to be at peace. For the welfare and safety of immigrants, for the avoidance of smaller nations been glued to a government that would be run by the influence of intimidation, I strongly believe Hilary Clinton would do better considering her over 30 years’ experience in government and working as former Secretary of State in the United States, a position which can surpass the presidency of some nations.

Donald Trump isn’t a kind of person who is ready to dialogue with anybody. His modus operandi knows no patience in keeping a secret for a very long time. It amazes me that some Africans and Nigerians (at home) in particular have gone ahead to endorse Mr. Trump citing his openness and confrontational style as reason for their love for him. I simply laugh whenever I hear them say things like this, but deep inside me I know they don’t understand the implication of Mr. Trump becoming president. Whatever happens after November 8th, the world would refresh itself. The outcome of the re-grouping would determine whether Americans made the right or wrong choice. I am a Nigerian at home, and I am concerned about who becomes the next president of the United States of America.

Eugene Upah writes from Calabar