DID YOU KNOW? 7 Realities you mayn’t have known about OCCULTISM that’ll blow your mind

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Efio-Ita Nyok|27 November 2016

1. The entire activities of Occultists -overt and covert, are embodied in the code – Operation Starlight.

2.The highest council that cosmically oversees this 'operation' including secret orders, societies, fraternities, confraternities, and religions is called – Order of Astral & Terrestrial Hierarchy

3. This 'order' comprises: very few Grand Masters, Perfect Masters, 8 Cherubs, about 21 Seraphs, & Chitanam (popularly called Satan/Devil in the Holy Writ of Christians).

4. There're 5 Cosmic Seals/Degrees of Operation Starlight, to wit,
*Liber 333 (Black/White Witchcraft),
*Liber 666 (Kali Witchcraft),
*Liber 999 (Rajo Witchcraft),
*Liber 1330 (whose recipient is a Grand Master of Occultism),
*Liber 003 (whose recipient is a Perfect Master of Occultism)

6. There are seven supernatural realms for occult activities/projections:
*Devic (Land) Realm
For Liber 333 (Black/White Witchcraft activities)
*Banwar (Water) Realm
For Liber 666 (Kali Witchcraft projections)
*Subterranean (Fire) Realm
This is the literal Hell Fire, a final place of retribution talked about by numerous world religions
*Astral (Air) Realm
For Liber 999 (Rajo Witchcraft proceedings)
*Terrestrial (Air) Realm
Liber 1330 (whose recipient is a Grand Master of Occultism),
*Azura (Air) Realm
Liber 003 (whose recipient is a Perfect Master of Occultism)
*Realm of Tuzzasotama (Air)
Beyond any degrees of occultism, this is where Chitanam, Satan or Devil resides. This is the summary of Evil

6. The above to my mind, underpins EVIL, of whatever orientation. It's contended by some that the tripodstand upon which EVIL or OCCULTISM sits are: Roman Catholicism, Islam & Illuminati.

Editorial Note:
The author drew graciously from Dr. Iyke Nathan Uzorma's Occult Grandmaster Now in Christ. However, he introduced his. Everything here are purely his opinion.

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