DUKE’S DAUGHTER: Love- stricken Man treks from Lagos to Zaria to meet Xerona Duke.

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Nelson A.Osuala[2 November 2016]

It is amazing what people do for love. Often time than not, people do the unbelievable in the name of love.

An instance is this Nigerian, Tunde Agbaje, a close cousin to the former PDP governorship aspirant of Lagos, Jimi Agbaje.

The Man who reportedly trekked for miles in what I may describe as an 'Endurance' trekking from Ketu area of Lagos State to Zaria in Kaduna State.

According to our source, Agbaje, took to the adventure to prove his love for a lady, Sharon xerona Duke.

Our correspondent gathered that the girl in question, Sharon is the daughter of  former governor of  Cross river, Donald Duke who had recently travelled to New York, United States of America.

It was learnt that Agbaje and Donald had met in Ikoyi, Lagos State, and had been friends for the past six years, but she had turned down his marriage proposal several times, arguing that Agbaje had been stalking her over time.

Agbaje said he decided to trek to Zaria to prove his love for her, adding that he was on the road for 19 days.

The Lagos State indigene was reportedly received on Friday, October 21, by the Chief Security Officer of the Ahmadu Bello University, Col J.K. Tukur; and the protocol office of the Emir of Zaria.

He was later taken to a hospital where he was reportedly treated for the injuries he sustained during the trek, which was monitored by a GPS tracker.

Agbaje who revealed his feelings   for the Duke's daughter, refused to be discouraged even after she turned him down.

Persistence led him to continue trying, adding that when he discovered that she didn’t bulge, he decided to do the incredible which according to him is “what no man can do for her.”

Just like what happens in the movies, Agbaje became a fool for love'.

In his words:

“I chose to trek to Zaria because her parents dated for six years in ABU, Zaria, before they got married.

I didn’t let my parents know and to ensure I was not disturbed, I changed my SIM card.

I took a tracker along with me to monitor my movements. I never took a bus at any time. It was a tough task and I even collapsed some of the times.

I took off from Ketu on October 2 and arrived in Zaria on Thursday, October 20, around 4.15pm.

“I have no regret for what I have done. I have proved my love for her, even though she didn’t reciprocate my feeling.

I believe even if she gets married to another person, nobody will ever be able to do what I did for her,” .

When our source contacted the Duke's daughter, She said she knew Agbaje was embarking on the trek, adding that she warned him against it.

She said she had never had any relationship with him, needless to say of considering his marrital proposals.

According to her, “Tunde (Agbaje) has been harassing and stalking me for the past six years and as far as I am concerned, this is just a new escapade in a series of his harassment.

Source: Punch

Nelson A.Osuala
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  1. Such is life man…, at this juncture.., i will like to say the young man had trekt just because he needed to keep feat…the only one that can blow her head is when he desides to trek to London were she is presently.. That will make a lot of meaning to her my brother! Just give it a short, you will be glad you did!