I’m Thinking Cross River not Ayade —Joseph Odok

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Joseph Odok|20 November 2016

It is no secret I do not agree with Gov Ayade on many policy initiatives. I have recently called to question his inability to follow through on his proposed "Green Police" on a post, and I was surprised when as at last week he inaugurated a hand full of individuals.

I was happy to see Ayade surprise me in a direction I doubted him ….nonetheless, I'm not about to join his praise singers. I'll always challenge the Governor while still in office to keep to promises made to the people of Cross River within the confines of the Federal Constitution.

With the Federal Ban placed on the Green Police, a new chapter is open to the debate on the merits of Federal/State powers. Furthermore, the suggested arrest to members of the green police, and the celebrative joy by some in opposition of the state government in Cross River leaves me with sadness and I question what looks like a persistent seemingly double standard minted to the Region.

In Kano State we have Hisbah known as the Sharia Police empowered with the authorities to arrest those in disobedience to the Quran. Why has the federal government not ban Hisbah?

In Lagos we have Latsma known as the traffic police and empowered with the authorities to arrest those in disobedience to the state traffic laws. Why hasn't the federal government ban LATSMA,?

In Cross River State we have the Green Police …should the name be changed and yet still be empowered as it is to enforce it's mandate by arresting those in disobedience of the state environmental/forestry laws?

With the FG ban on the green police, it calls to question so many things considering we are in a Democracy of two established government formula -State and Federal, and in practice we knoe states ought to be the Laboratories of democratic governance. Is the Federal Government telling us that should our state houses of Assembly -the representative body of the people passes laws, the federal government can counter it? It is time we test the limits of Federal Powers over State.

Why do State Houses of Assembly exist? Why do we have Federal/State governance system instead of one central government? I believe the Federal Government can be taken to court by the Cross River State Attorney General for interpretation on why other states are allowed the privilege rights and Cross River is not.

Joseph Odok
Writes from Calabar