“In the Beginning, It was Adam & Eve , But in America, It is now Adam & Steve” – Editor Reacts to Bisi Alimi’s Gay wedding

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[ 6 November 2016]

Credible information reaching our News desk avers that popular United Kingdom-based Nigerian gay and LGBT rights activist, Bisi Alimi and his supposed masculine fiance, Anthony, got married yesterday November 5th.

The above are shots from their wedding.

My Reaction:

There are so many things that have until recently being agitating my curious mind.

I have often wondered , where in the world our Human race is headed?

I have never seen a male dog mate with a male dog. I have never seen a female hen copulate with another of its kind, but today I hear and read about Male Homo sapiens , engage in sexual relations with another of same biological makeup.

Yet, we claim to be most rational Mammal. Such irrationality as morally debasing from a supposed rational beings is what I suppose the lower animals like the dogs and monkeys would see us ( Man ) do, and then shake her head in pity for our foolishness and moral decay.

If the supposed lower animals as well are quick to call them- do not engage in same sex marriage, why are we (Higher animals) doing such?

If in the animal kingdom, lesbianism & gayism etc are considered as morally debasing- a taboo in their world, why do we practice and give it a kudos?

These and others are many questions being for answers.

Nelson Amaobi Osuala
Is a Blogger & the Associate Editor of Negroidhaven.org