LEGACY: Uncertainty Hits “Obama Care” Health Policy as Trump Contemplates Scrapping it Out.

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Nelson A.Osuala [12 November 2016]

It is always very difficult to build but quite easy to throw down.

This is what I have considered apposite in beginning an introduction for this far reaching update about the current issues in the United States.

You would recall that in a previous publication on this Site, we took our readers through a list of 30 basic republican Polices and belief systems of Donald Trump that would affect the Future America's relationship with other Countries of the world.

See :

In what follows, we now see how such antithetical policies have raised criticisms and protests in the streets of America, with the Republican president-elect facing mounting calls to reassure all US Citizenry that they would be secured against the scourge and stigma of xenophobia under his (Trump's) administration and Reign.

Even more worrisome is the fact that the outgoing President of America, Barrack Obama, who made history as the first Black Man to rule America- hereby fulfilling the age long prophecy of Martin Luther; He is now being thrown to a state of Panic whether his Health Insurance Legacy (Obama Care), would continue to see the light of day.

Obama in a bid to quell his fears, invited the President elect, Donald Trump to the White House for a Close door discussion on Thursday.

Our source informed that Obama
sought for a mutual understanding, compromise and a reassurance from Trump, as it regards his (Obama's) health policy amongst other things of which he had laboured all his lifetime as a seating president to accomplish.

Reacting to Obama's Humble request, the Republican President- elect informs that, He would reconsider the Obama Health policy due to his respect for him.

Laying credence to our source, the Oval Office meeting between Obama and Trump, was geared towards reaching a compromise on his often repeated threat to annul the Obama’s signature health care law.

Quoting Donald Trump,

"Either 'Obama Care' will be amended, or repealed and replaced…I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that.”

Trump told The Wall Street Journal the president asked him to consider preserving parts of the law — and that he was open to the idea.

Reflecting on the outcome of his meeting with Obama, Trump told the Washington Daily that when he met with Barack Obama at the White House to discuss the transition ahead of the January 20 inauguration —the conversation was evidently remarked as “excellent.” by the outgoing President.

Would Trump hold true to his promise of preserving the Obama Care Health insurance policy? I guess only time would tell.

Nelson A.Osuala
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