Mfom-Yala-Bekwarra-Obanlikwu Road Dualisation: Ayade should take leave from Akpabio -Morphy

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Morphy(L) and Ayade (R)

Efio-Ita Nyok|2 November 2016

A former Special Adviser to the Governor of Cross River State on National Contact, Mr Ray Ugba Morphy, yesterday scribbled a six paragraph open letter to his former principal touching on the Mfom-Yala-Bekwarra-Obanlikwu Road Dualisation project. In what appeared as a sarcastic lettering Mr Morphy highlighted the need for a renowned construction firm to handle the project particularly drawing attention to construction works embarked upon by Sermatek and Leophina. He prayed that the roads construction work should not end at the flagging of but should see completion. He also charged on qualitative construction, something similar to what Julius Berger did in Akwa Ibom State during the tenure of Gov Godswill Akpabio.

An interesting feature in Morphy's sarcasm is where he appreciated Gov Ayade for his intention to dualise the road, and then proceeded to make mention of an unconstitutionally recognised office of Co-governor that will complete the project. He mentioned Co-governor with Deputy Governor. Could Morphy be referring to Mr Frank Ayade, one of the governor's sibling whom the EFCC recently nabbed? Morphy prayed for divine wisdom for the 'Co-governor and Deputy governor' and the aides to enable them complete the project. Excerpt of Morphy's letter:


Dear Sir,

I thank you Governor Prof. Senator Barrister Ben Ayade for the planned ground breaking ceremony of the proposed road in Northern Cross River.

I pray that God will grant you the Co-governor and the Deputy Governor and your aides, the wisdom to complete the road and not just to flag it off!

As a citizen of Northern Cross River, I am delighted to hear of this planned road even though the contractor is still hidden. Such a road project must be given to a first class firm so that the road will not turn out to be a wash wash road that will wash off after one rainy season. We have had enough experience with such, particularly roads recently constructed by Sermatek and Leophina!

If you go to roads that these two companies completed in 2014, they are pot hole riddled and many have complained that these companies construct earth roads and paint them black to look like tarred roads. Sir, no matter who owns these companies, please shun them. Their track record in Cross River road construction is abysmal and a failure to say the least. There are roads in boki and many other parts of the state that Leophina abandoned halfway after collecting full payment! In case you don't know sir, documents abound and the citizens of those areas will gladly attest.

Furthermore sir, our party the PDP is no longer in power at the center so it can no longer be business as usual. We cannot accept a situation where billions are borrowed and spent on roads that wash off after a season or two leaving the state as losers while the contractors and their sponsors walk out with billions. Leaving the state and citizens in ruin and with gigantic loans to pay.

Please, your excellency kindly apply due process on these roads so that the roads can last and last. Take the example of Akpabio, the Gov of Akwa Ibom who gave ALL their road projects to Julius Berger, the great german road builders. Akpabio himself told me that theei roads are constructed to last 70 years at a minimum.

Kindly borrow a leaf from that.

Long live Cross River State!

Yours sincerely,

Your former Special Adviser
Ray Ugba Morphy

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