New Netim Chieftaincy Tussle/Land grab Rivalry: C’ Riverians shocked over killings, razing, sacking etc

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Gory scenes from New Netim. Viewers discretion advised. (Photocredit: Ifere Paul)

Efio-Ita Nyok|14 November 2016

Cross Riverians have expressed their utmost discontent over the killings, maimings and razing of New Netim village in Odukpani LGA in the ongoing Chieftaincy dispute between the duo of Raphael Okpa Ita and Ntufam Bassey Ndifon Ejen, (JP). The former is the father to Mr Christian Ita, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Cross River State.

Vanguard Newspaper report has it that the indigenes of New Netim preferred Ntufam Ejen over Mr Ita. And that the latter not accepting the disposition of the village has resulted into carnage and barbarism. Again, there is another dimension to the tussle in the community which borders on land rivalry between New Netim and Odukpani Qua Town. In a legal suit filed by the people of Odukpani Qua Town against New Netim laying claims to a piece of land, the judgement in the said suit wasn't in favour of Odukpani Qua Town, this too is reported to have led to the rift between the two villages.

All this is believed to have culminated in the invasion of New Netim on the 28th of September 2016 which reportedly began from 18th September. However, Cross Riverians couldn't hold their cool anymore when one Ifere Paul posted gory pictures from the scene of tussle. According to Mr Paul in a yesterday social media thread titled, 'Pictures Cross River State Government Does Not Want You To See':

'Mr Christian Ita, SSA on Media, and Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Cross River State is presently under investigation by the SSS and the Cross River State Police Command over the sponsorship of a cult group that unleashed this on the people of New Netim in Odukpani LGA.

'A human right advocacy group has also written a petition to the United Nations, Public Complaint offices, and other human right advocacy groups, calling on the government to investigate the involvement of Christian Ita on the deaths that included women, innocent children, and others.

'The Cross River State government is aware of the arrest and detention of Mr Christian Ita about three weeks ago. The government hurriedly bargained that Christian Ita be given bail on status recognition.

'However, the SSS have been called in to investigate the involvement of Mr Ita in the deaths and destruction of lives and properties in New Netim', he concluded.

What follows is a cross section of the reaction of Cross Riverians to the incident, pictures, etc relating to the case. Viewers discretion is adviced:

Efem Ubi
This is the worst government ever in the history of Cross River state. I need someone to make me understand how the people of Cross River degenerated to this level. This is extremely primitive and barbaric. The perpetrators should be brought to order, investigated and convicted appropriately if found guilty.

Blessing Njong
You are correct. Ayade administration is the worst government full of cultists,  voodoo pots,  kidnapping and robbery

Akpan-Ibiang Ofem
This is babaric

Mary Effiong

Michael Efiom
Is this scene in my State? I cannot believe this shit, this boys have gone cannibals, they are not human anymore, because of what if I may ask & killing for who? Efik people don't have this heart,who are these people & where are they from mbok?..

Emmanuel Orok
What do from ungodly authority

Mike Ada
BLOOD! BLOOD!! BLOOD!!! Soaker  demoniac!

Baita Ikang
Thses cultist are not efik blood they 2×2 Children from fathers outside our stock. They are not educated in the arts of creativity but miscreants from skull of e-carry-run politics. Their crude and primitive godfathers know them

Chris Inyang
What in hell's gate must have triggered this mayhem? Absolutely gory.

Princewill Emmanuel
This is cruelty and barbaric and inhuman for a man to take the life of another.

Steve Takim
Funny us indeed…any time @Ifere Paul exposes ills in our society such as this, all we do is to respond with phonetics and vocabularies, or at best fb condemnation and that's all. Non ever joint hands with him  or take a practical step to ensure that no matter how highly place a perpetrator of an evil in our society such as this is brought to book and meted with appropriate sanctions or punishment.

As Cross Riverians, we must rise above this mediocrities, sectional sentiments and sycophancies and for once be our brothers keeper. Those who providence have place on them positions in government, connections and wealth must irrespective of dialectical differences or the zones they come from in d state used their wealth, position and connections to bring to justices perpetrators of this unacceptable acts in our society. An injury to one community or person is an injury to d entire state and it people. This barbaric acts by a group of cannibalistic elements must not be swept under d carpet as in many other case in other to serve as a deterrent for future perpetrators of similar acts that don't want "live and let's live" rules or principles. The time to act is now. Thanks.

Edward Ofem
man's inhumanity to man.

Stanley Dien
This is exactly how savaged we are, if this savagery were  carried out by Muslims against Christians or northerners against southerners, even the masterminds of these heinous crimes against humanity would join fellow " Christians and Southerners " to use all invectives to lecture us how barbaric and evil the Muslims, etc, are. So sad

Arikpo Obuli
It is a gory & devastating sight indeed!

Yvonne Jummai
Oh my God! See how lives are wasted
This is not the CRS I knew. I weep for my state.

Bassey Ewa
Wen did cross river descend to dis level of barbarism

Bassey Ita
Equally sad and worrisome is the fact that this town, Odukpani Qua /Netim situates the Council Headquarters where even people who are not of neither of the feuding parties or factions are living and working.Today those innocent ones are terribly affected by the crisis and the council secretariat has remained under lock and key leaving government business to suffer.

Myke Egbe
We are loosing our state gradually and it's so painful this is happening right before our eyes and we are really unable to do the needful.

Amiokama Ofem
Babaric act of the highest order….the blood of the innocense will cry for vengence from God on day if not now.

Ita John
African man's life in a 21st Century!

Godwin Amunde
Man inhumanity to Man….completely absurd !

Enyia Brian
All this in the of politic

Tamme Takon
This is terrible. 4what!?

Christie Obu
Those who live by the sword die by the sword.

Dan Ofem
My boss I nvr knew dis matter is as serious as dis

Godwin Effiom
This is serious

Akiba Ekpenyong
Me no fit shout.

Jerry Agba

***Cross Riverians, let's give peace a chance, please.

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