Nigerian youths should rise and demand their rights, Int’l development expert charges

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Mr Princewill Odidi

Efio-Ita Nyok|4 November 2016

Ikom, Cross River-born Princewill Odidi, an international development consultant based in Atlanta, United States has charged Nigerian youths to demand their constitutional rights to political representation and good governance.

His position was made known yesterday when Mr Odidi through his social media account observed that numerous young ones especially within the age bracket of 30 and 40 may never appropriate their potential owing to mismanagement of public funds by public officials. The popular social commentator explained that it was within this age bracket that youths had the highest of energy to contribute to nation building.

'Too many young men and women in this generation, especially those within their 30s and 40s may never achieve the height of their potentials and success in life because at a time when their energy levels is highest and when they can contribute better to build society, that's when resources that should have edged them towards success has been rascally depleted, mismanaged and corrupted by previous generations', Odidi said.

The Commentator who didn't point an accussing finger at a specific Nigerian politician further noted that a nation that doesn't plan for successive generations is one without a future. Mr Odidi ended his comments by charging youths to demand for what he referred to as 'their rights to political representation and good governance'.

In his own words, 'A nation that has no plan for incoming generations is a nation without a future. Nigerian youths should rise and demand their rights to political representation and good governance. Don't negotiate your future for a plate of porridge, demand your pound of cake'.

Previously in Nigeria it was contended that 'youths are the leaders of tomorrow'. However, the narrative seem to be changing, Nigerian youths are beginning to challenge this assertion, for them 'youths are the leaders of today; the future belongs to our children'.

Political corruption has been Nigeria's greatest undoing.

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