Nigeria’s most Romantic Lawyer: Fiancé somersault repeatedly for Fiancée! See what happens next

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See the somersaulting Barr. Isa and his dear Juliet

Efio-Ita Nyok|25 November 2016

Growing up as a child the legal profession presented itself both to me and my generation as a noble profession. And yes they are! This nobility in profession entailed that practitioners were very serious persons. However, that perception is experiencing an overhaul especially with the intervention of First Baba Isa (FBI), the acclaimed Nigeria's Most Romantic Lawyer (NMRL)!

For FBI who would be tieing the knot come 15/17 of next month with Juliet Abuo, a husband should be able to somersault for his wife. I think he is practicing it before hand since we say practice makes perfect. Albeit, the extent FBI has gone in this somersaulting is even surprising to him, hear him: 'I never thought I will go this far… This girl has got my mumu button, I swear!'. The things that men have done, are doing and will do for love! Hmmmmm… What follows is an excerpt of his perspective:

'Husband that cannot somersault for his wife to make her laugh and happy is that one husband? Abeg carry your seriousness and be going o…

'At times I just break into a strange song or dance… Just to be rewarded with Firstlady's sweet laughter… There is nothing I won't do to make her laugh… But for a lawyer to somersault in public… Kpash… I never thought I will go this far… This girl has got my mumu button, I swear!

'On the 15th and 17th December, 2016; in the famous town of Ogoja, I will take a vow to forever allow her to press my mumu button… A vow to forever do anything to make her happy… Be a witness.


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