Open Letter to those in Political Leadership —By Princewill Odidi

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Princewill Odidi|20 November 2016

The success of any government depends on how you select your priorities. You can choose programs to entertain elites on a cozy atmosphere of enjoyment or you can choose to rebuild our schools or stock our primary healthcare centers with free medication. It's all a matter of choice.

We can decide to play on the gallery for public applause or we can decide to invest in our people and change their lives and testimony.

Opportunity they say comes but once, the wrongs we do today we may not have another opportunity to rewrite them. In politics we plan as if there is no tomorrow, because in reality tomorrow does not exist until you get there.

Those who hang around you to sing your praise and endorse your shortfalls with high praise, in private they say the worst of things about you and actually wish you fail. I wish you can read the heart of man, which is desperately wicked.

A wise leader always looks behind him even when protected by best of friends. Remember Vatsa and Babanginda, close intimate family childhood friends, for power, one brought down the other, remember Blair Compore and Sankara, for power and mis guided trust, one brought down the other. History is meant for us to learn.

There is no legitimate loyalty in politics, people applause your office not your person, take the office away, that loyalty fades. Always remember, those who run to defend you in media when publicly rebuked are all wolfs in sheep clothing, in private discussions they pour out unbelievable vernom about you. Their actions and inactions is a game akin to Animal farm.

If you want true loyalty, seek loyalty from the suffering masses, pay more attention to people oriented programs not programs for elite enjoyment alone.

At the end of the day, when the roll call is made, what will the average person remember you for. Sit up, it's not late, you can still leave behind a meaningful impact' opportunity they say comes but ones.

Princewill Odidi
Is a Social Commentator