Press Release: PDP & CRSG after my life, Whistle blower alleges

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Gov Ayade, PDP logo & Paul

Efio-Ita Nyok|18 November 2016

Ifere Paul, an environmental right activist, public policy analyst and foremost critic of the government of Cross River State yesterday made a press release alleging threat to his life by suspected members of the Peoples Democratic Party in Cross River State and some officials occupying public offices in Cross River State Government.

He has dared to mention names and cites instances/incidents to drive home his point. Hear him out:

'It has come to my knowledge that the PDP and the Cross River State government is planning my assassination and secretly raiding places in Calabar they believe is my neighborhood.

'A special squad of Ben Ayade appointees have been instructed to finish me at Hon Etim Ayomobi burial in Nko. This appointees and their hackers friends are trying hard to hack into my mobile phone where they can track my movement and conversation.

'According to reliable information, one Ukorebi Ukoette one of the numerous bootlickers of Governor Ben Ayade has been quoted as instructing his fellow friends that they should make sure I don't enter Cross River State. Mr Ukoette has in many occassions threatened me until I had to suspend him from my Facebook timeline.

'I was in Joranny when a group of PDP people made threats that I am an ant that can be crush anyday and anytime. These group of 4 PDP chieftains were there in Joranny discussing me at the bar without knowing that I was directly behind them drinking with my friends. It was very frightening to note that they felt threatened by my activities on Facebook.

'I will by tomorrow make a petition against this background informing the Inspector General of eminent threats to my life by the PDP and the government of Cross River State.

'This threats will note deter me to seek the truths and to uncover and lay bare activities of the government of Cross River State.

My name is Ifere Paul,
The Taliban.

If Paul's allegations are any to go by, then this is not good for the growth of democracy in Cross River State. Democracy allows for opposition. To the best of my knowledge, Mr Paul has made useful suggestions to the government of Cross River State that has been adopted. Why has he not been publicly commended? Why are they hunting him? Light will overshadow darkness through and through!

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