REVELATION: Working with Ayade is frustrating, Aide confesses. See his reasons

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Gov. Ayade laughing in one of his public outings

Joseph Odok|22 November 2016

I have met so many people that felt on top of the world because they were close to Ayade. Their head swelled when they were given appointment.

Others won elections, ostensibly by rigging elections and influencing the Nigerian judiciary to give legality to their rigged elections. In their boast they felt they will turn millionaires overnight.

In a private interview an aide to Ayade confesses that working with Ayade is really frustrating. He held Ayade studied the psychology of cross river state and knows how to manipulate them with fake promises and sophistry.

I am thinking of the many people that had hoped to be employed in green police. The many that rejoiced that the 23 years employment ban is lifted. The many that hoped on contracts. The many that supported the governor hoping for political settlement. The many that celebrated their appointments.

Life seems worse working with Ayade because the impression that one is an appointee increases expectations, one appointee remarked. He went on to say that while previous governors made millionaires of their appointees, Ayade had rather turned his appointees into fake people living fake life. We have become debtors with no hope of redeeming our debt he ended.

Is Ayade's appointment a blessing or a curse?

For me I will jump and pass any opportunity to work with Ayade. His promises are poisonous than a confinement to a lion's den. If I see Ayade's appointment and a snake I will kill the opportunity of getting the appointment before killing the snake.

Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent