Soyinka doesn’t have the legal right to tear the Green Card, Social Commentator contends

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Soyinka(R), Trump(M) and Odidi(L)

Efio-Ita Nyok|11 November 2016

Cross River-born international development consultant and entrepreneur, Princewill Odidi, who is currently resident in Atlanta, United States, has reacted over the news of Prof. Wole Soyinka's possible destruction of the American green card come next year.

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, had last week indicated that he would tear up his Green Card if Donald Trump was elected president of America. This week Prof. Soyinka further revealed that come January 20, 2017, the day Mr Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the US he would thrash the document.

In a social media thread titled: Someone should advice Soyinka! Mr Odidi argued that Prof. Soyinka did not have the legal right to tear the Green Card seeing that it wasn't his property but that of the government of America. He proceeded to explain that in the event where Prof. Soyinka did not want to enjoy the legal privilege of stay ocassioned by the Green Card he should return the document to American immigration authorities. Mr Odidi also noted that Prof Soyinka could be arrested should he proceed with his promise of destroying the card. What follows is an excerpt of Odidi's reaction yesterday:

'I read this piece in disbelief. That he will tear his green card come January 20th when Trump is sworn in as President. Let me explain this to him, Holding an American resident card also called green card is a privilege not a right. Those who hold green card after three to five years they become American Citizens. Even citizenship by naturalization is a privilege not a right.

'The green card that is bearing Soyinkas name is actually owned by the American government and not Soyinka. So Soyinka has no legal right to tear it.

'By American law, if he doesn't want to enjoy the legal privilege of stay, he can return it to the American Immigration authorities or mail it to them.

'Soyinka does not have the legal authority to destroy the card. If he does, he may be arrested or banned from re entry.

'This is not Nigeria where Obasanjo  could publicly tear his party card that belonged to PDP instead of returning it and walk out a free man, maybe he doesn't know, this is America.

'I know people sometimes say dumb things, like I will tear my card, I will relocate to Canada and all that crap, but given the current circumstances, even TB Joshua was allegedly misled, you can default on your threat, we all make mistakes, this was a costly one, we all understand.

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