STRAIGHT TALK TO SELFIE-LOVING LADIES: ‘The world does not revolve around your butt or bust’ – Isabella

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Ade (with tongue thrust out) and her classmates

Efio-Ita Nyok|13 November 2016

'Woman is so artistic'.
—Friedrich Nietzsche
The Gay Science : Fifth Book, 361. The Problem of the Actor.

Nietzsche the legendary European philosopher best captured the feminine mental physique in his above quote. She seem to be more given to the emotional side of living: music, dance and good food. Or, are my wrong? Albeit, Nietzsche corroborates me when he queried: 'Why is it that warm, rainy winds inspire a musical mood and the inventive pleasure of melodies? Are they not the same winds that fill the churches and arouse thoughts of love in women?' Few women have faired better.

Oxford Dictionary defines the term 'selfie' as 'A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media'. Remember, Nietzsche has averred that 'woman is so artistic'. I think women express this unique artistry via taking of selfies. However, the intention of this publication isn't to reflect on why they take selfies actually. It is to draw your attention to what a lady, Isabella Ade, recently said about fellow ladies especially as it borders on selfies taking.

First, Miss Ade began her observation with noting how people take photographs to tell fake stories about themselves. She proceeded to reveal how most ladies explore the extreme of borrowing clothes to take photoshots about themselves by themselves with the primary aim of 'intimidating' their fellow ladies. Holy jeez!  Hmmmmm… The philosophy graduate now proceded to advice that we employ social media in changing the world. Her parting words were, 'remember the world does not revolve around your butt or bust'.

Let get to read how Miss Ade articulates herself in the most candid way, I never saw a lady talk in this point blank manner:

'A lot of people take photos to tell fake stories about the kind of life they live instead of using pictures to change the world.

'Most ladies will even go to the extreme to borrow clothes just to take pictures and paste on their wall so that they can intimidate their fellow ladies,

'Let's begin to use social media to change the world, if there is a bad road, an oppressor, a molester etc, take pictures that will tell stories to change your environment, you might not know whom it may concern most, 

'Remember the world does not revolve around your butt or bust, that thing you think that you have, somebody is loaded with more…', the cerebral lady ended her charge.

The insistence by Miss Ade on using photographs in changing the world is, I must confess, the defining feature in her message to fellow women.

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