TECH HIVE-NG: An Ecosystem of Tech Experts Berths in Calabar, Cross River

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Efio-Ita Nyok|30 November 2016

Something transpired recently in Calabar, Cross River State and I thought it wise to bring it to the attention of NegroidHaven fans.

For about the first time on Monday 28, an ecosystem of young, savvy, passionate and determined Technologists, Computer Scientists/Engineers, Programmers, Coders, Bloggers, Developers, etc and anything #Tech, met with the sole intention of forming a (eco)system where they could brainstorm on technology-related contemporary challenges with the aim of preferring solutions to societ's thorny palava.

Because it's a consortium of ICT-savvy individuals they rightly called themselves TECH-HIVE, that is, a community of technological experts. According to the curatorship of the hub,

'TechHive Calabar is a movement by young Technology prodigies through a world of uncertainty, wave-guided by curiosity on a path to Establishing Africa as a frontier of Technology in the recent future; a ‘HuB’ for people who have ideas that solve specific identifiable problems in the world;

'A platform that celebrates its own, while showcasing people who invent ground breaking technologies and are never heard of, a research and development team who reinvents the wheels, challenge the status quo and disabuse Africans of overdependency of Western support for everything, amazing people who create significant value, who do cutting-edge work across different career, and who provide native solutions to indeginous and global technological challenges;

'A Hive that reveals how the African Technology community is adapting to technology, expanding perceptions and creating new opportunities locally and globally. One of thier goal is to create an immersive environment where local Techpreneurs, thought leaders and idealists, key enablers and developers from vastly different fields, and exceptional doers will cross-fertilize and educate and draw inspiration from one another.

'We are building strategic partnerships that will promote, support, and fund these ideas. This HIVE of Gigs, TechSavvy, managers, organizers, partners, influencers, and sponsors forms the basis of the community we are building in Calabar and Beyound, and we invite you to become a part of it', it concludes.

Taking cognizance of the global Computer Science Week celebrated by big tech companies like Facebook, Google,, Microsoft and other tech giants, Techhive will be featuring in the Hour of Code (a week long-bound activity) session which will educate students of nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions how to write programmes for games, etc in 60 minutes.

Techhive intends to launch a statewide campaign on coding, programming and the like. NegroidHaven will keep you posted.

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