Tribute to Dr Nicholas ‘Niklas’ Iwatt

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Late Dr Iwatt

Simon Utsu|15 November 2016

The news of your death earlier yesterday, turned my good day sour. We weren't the closest of friends but you were a very good man.

My first encounter with you was in Unical secondary school. This was my third secondary school and I hadn't come across a student who paid attention to neatness and cleanliness like you did. Like they say, cleanliness is next to Godliness! Little wonder you served God like your life depended on it.
You were a mass servant (altar boy) in the Catholic Church even into the latter part of your university days; an attitude/level of dedication which was very rare back then amongst the youth and still is till date.

If my memory serves me well, the last time I saw you was when I attended mass at the Sacred Heart cathedral, Calabar in August 2009 where as usual, you served God with so much joy and dedication on the altar. You always looked up to God. Maybe that's why your last profile pix on facebook had you looking up to the heavens.

It's for these reasons I believe you're in a much better place, free from all the pains and hassles of this life.

I pray that the good Lord grants your loved ones which includes your family, friends, fans and well-wishers the fortitude to bear this immense loss.

Rest in peace bro.

Simon Utsu
Your friend


  1. Nikkims! Yes you were always that neat, attention to cleanliness boy right from Kindergarten when we first met at UNICAL Staff School. Last time we saw was in 2011, we laughed and reminisced on how we had grown and teased ourselves about being men now. Rest in peace brother!