Why I don’t meddle in the internal affairs of Gov Ben Ayade, Int’l Dev Consultant explains

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Ayade(L), Odidi(R)

Efio-Ita Nyok|17 November 2016

Ikom, Cross River-born international development consultant, entrepreneur and widely celebrated social commentator, Princewill Odidi, has explained why he does not meddle in the internal affairs of the Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade.

The Atlanta-based commentator aired his mind yesterday via his social media account in a thread titled, 'Did Ayade really break the law by commissioning Green Police? My take'. Odidi cited two reasons for his obvious reticent public disposition. This closemouthedness, according to him, stems from his respect for the office of Governor and the need to give Ayade time.

In Odidi's exact words, 'For sometime I had decided not to meddle on the internal affairs and policy thinking of the administration of Governor AYADE strictly for respect of his office, and to give him time to articulate his programs within an approachable framework'.

Though Mr Odidi is yet to communicate his elastic limit in reference to the time when he will begin to 'meddle in the internal affairs and policy thinking  Governor Ayade', what do you think of this Odidian tight-mouthedness?

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