A’IBOM TRAGEGY: Unical Don Queries Gov. Udom with a 7 point Teaser, Demands for Clarification or Resignation.


Nelson A.Osuala [14 December 2016] You would recall that on  Saturday 10th December 2016, the roof of the Reigners  Bible Church caved in, killing most of the worshippers and injuring a good number. The ripple effects from the incident continues to strengthen in proportion to the death toll. The Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel who was said to have narrowly escaped at the whiskers is alive but has not ceased from being at the front burner of criticism on social media as commentators question the capability of his Government to ensure proper investigation, and provide justice and compensations  for the families of the deceased. Some persons have called for the prosecution of the builders and Church founder, Rev.Akan Weeks,  others still  seems to tie the incidence to a spiritual cause. Despite the many views expressed, this University of Calabar Lecturer, Dr.Jonathan.O. Chimakonam in this piece took a bent and critically reflected, analysed, evaluated and also raised several questions begging for answers. His style of writing and arguments is quite engaging, I see it as an eye- opener. What follows are Dr. Chimakonam's perspective on the Uyo tragedy as culled from his Facebook page. He ties his argument of a pungent 7point rhetorical questions. It reads: Gov.Udom Must Resign! Should the Governor of Akwa Ibom Resign? 1. As the chief security officer of Akwa Ibom State, he has a constitutional duty to protect the lives of Akwa Ibom State citizens. When he went to attend a function in an uncompleted building, he committed negligence of this duty. Many of those that died went into the building because he, the chief security officer of the state went in thus giving them the impression of safety. 2. He led over 200 of his supporters, citizens of his state and those who voted for him to their death. That is more than enough for a responsible governor to resign. At least, as a show of respect and regard for those that lost their lives due to his culpable negligence of duty. 3. As a chief security officer of the state, he threw caution to the wind and not only allowed such an event to hold inside an unsafe and uncompleted building, but attended the event in person. Is this not the height of irresponsibility? A man whose irresponsibility led to the loss of over 200 lives of those under his constitutional care should not be allowed to continue as governor. Of course, I said should not be allowed because if he were responsible at all, he would have resigned and turned himself in to the police for prosecution. 4. Once inside the uncompleted building crowded beyond its capacity, he took position at a safe spot and cared very less about the masses who were vulnerable at dangerous corners of the building. Do we need a telescope to see that this man is not qualified to hold the office of a governor? 5. Once disaster struck, he ordered the arrest of the contractor and his crew who were not even at the event. Does this governor know his left from his right? The contractor did not issue certificate of completion. He was asked not to come to work on the said day by the man who wanted to use the uncompleted building for his bishopric ordination and fund raising. Was the governor blind not to have noticed that the building was uncompleted when he led people inside it? Did he not ask questions? 6. There are three main people that should be arrested and prosecuted for multiple man-slaughter, negligence of duty, etc and they are: The Governor of Akwa Ibom State who personally led people to their death; Pastor Weeks, the owner of the property and one who invited people to their death; the Police Commissioner of Akwa Ibom State who hides the actual figure of casualties. Eye witnesses say the big hospital at Uyo took in more than 200 bodies and that other hospitals were also filled with bodies. Why are they disrespecting Nigerians, those who lost their lives and their families by falsifying figures? It is said that the crowd inside the big auditorium numbered more than a thousand out of which few survived, mainly the dignitaries at the stage. Is it not irresponsible to deny the dead? 7. In a civilized society, the governor would have resigned because his presence in the uncompleted building compromised him. But the two BIG questions are: a. Is Gov. Emmanuel Udom a responsible, civilized and enlightened human being with integrity? b. Are citizens of Akwa Ibom State enlightened enough to know their rights and ask their irresponsible Governor to go? Needless to talk about PMB who called to commiserate with the Governor he should have arrested. So much rot in Nigeria, from head to toe. Who will save the people? But here is a teaser for Nigerians:Do you think the Governor of Akwa Ibom State should resign Nelson A.Osuala
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