Ayade continues pre-APC movement consultations. See Unassailable Reasons

Gov Ayade in dark top during the marriage of former  Zahra Buhari 
Joseph Odok|22 December 2016
Ayade continues pre APC movement consultations. He was the only PDP governor that attended Zara Buhari’s marriage in the company of other 17 APC Governors.
On Tuesday the Governor of Cross River State was live in Owerri carnival, and it will be an opportunity to finalize consultations with Rochas Okorocha and other APC governors that will attend the Owerri carnival.
Do PDP still count Ayade as their member. Na waoo the party don die finish. Before I continue, where is Cross River State PDP Chairman? He has not been seen around Ayade for so long a time. He was conspicuously absent in the pre Supreme Court victory celebration of Ayade yesterday.
Gov Ayade in dark suit discussing with Gov Okorocha 
Come to think of it, why are politicians like this? Why the efforts to make Cross River State a one party state.
Na waoo, Joseph Odok to be in the same Party with Ayade. Mbanu!!!!!!!! but I can’t be a coward that will leave the party because Ayade is coming in. Unless the dividends of democracy reaches the common man, I can never work with Ayade even if we be in the same Party. If it was for personal interest i would have long been an appointee in Ayade’s government. The pressure is still high on me, but me I can’t work with Ayade because I have no confidence in his government.
My politics is for the people, God I pray I never derail, God free me from crave for wealth that will keep me far from the yearnings of the common man. But I tell you, Ayade is not my enemy, it is his policies that are in enmity with my ideologies. If he becomes focused, there will be no reason to stay off a good man. Be sure it will take Ayade a long time to convince me to accept him, working with Ayade will be as difficult as a cow passing through the eye of a niddle.
Gov Ayade (R) and Minister Usani (L) during the latter’s one year anniversary as minister
Me, I see PDP as a dead party in Cross River State, Ayade is the Sheriff of Cross River State PDP. Comparatively speaking, Ayade’s hammer on Cross River State PDP even pass Sheriff own.
Na sidon look I dey, but e be like say nobody fit stop Ayade from joining APC oooo.
Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent