Ayade Vs Agi: Foreshadowing the Verdict


Peter Offem Ubi|7 December 2016 ..read but take deep minutes in reflection of the truth about your soul, body, and spirit. Moment after the verdict -my thoughts. Today we start the process of reconciliation for all Cross Riverians. The Supreme Court has spoken, now is the time to put aside all bitterness, all grandstanding, and understand the future of our state lies in our ability to come together in full cooperation with the state new leadership. In the coming days, few changes will be made to begin the necessary campaign to redirect the future of our dear state, and todays' affirmation by the court  provides our people the opportunity to look inwardly -still able to prepare a better future than our parents gave us -that we are able to guarantee tomorrow's generation will live in peace and harmony. In togetherness we will would have earned ourselves the code and creed of our state -we're but a people oriented in the soul, body, and spirit of loving-kindness we're a peaceful people. Haven't been distracted with all the unnecessary political activities of the last year and half, we are now clearly in a situated time across the lengths/breath of our state to move forward in a better and stronger manner. The lessons of time past should be of a necessary guide to us. We must not repeat the mistakes of yesterday into today and tomorrow. I love Cross River and am thinking Cross River. God bless Cross River. God bless our people. God bless Nigeria. Peter Offem Ubi
Writes from New York