AYADE Vs AGI : Lawmaker bet N5 million Booty over Ayade’s Winning, Aide Pledges property

Hon. Peter Odey (L), SA Tony Undiandeye (M), Chief Ray Morphy (R) 
Efio-Ita Nyok|6 December 2016
In a 4th December 2016 social media thread headlined ‘Put your Money where your Mouth is’, Gov. Ben Ayade’s former Special Adviser on National Contact, Chief Ray Ugba Morphy, has challenged aides of the Governor of Cross River State to validate the certainty of their principal coasting to victory in the anticipated 9th December Supreme Court ruling in the ongoing Joe Agi SAN Vs CRS PDP with Governor Ben Ayade as third respondent suit via a bet of financial significance.
Mr Joe Agi SAN is contending with Gov Ayade in court. He prays to be declared the winner of the 2015 general election in the state 
‘Is any Ayade supporter willing to bet with me on the outcome of the 9th? Since you guys pretend you are so sure of the outcome, can you please demonstrate your confidence by betting with me on the outcome of the 9th? Please. I am waiting and I am willing. This bet is open to all indigenes of CRS particularly all those my friends who are appointees of the State Government’, Chief Morphy said.
Could it be said that embattled Gov. Ayade is laughing hysterically at his naysayers in view of 9th December Supreme Court ruling? 
Morphy who has recently flooded social media space with his mystic and non mystic predictions concerning the defeat of his former principal come 9th December has promised to double whatever stake interested Gov. Ayade’s aides would place as bet to demonstrate their certainty.
‘If you are interested, state what you want to bet with and I will double it. I am waiting. This offer is valid till midnight of Thursday 8th Dec 2016 and payout of winning is immediately the verdict is announced. Witnesses will be all Cross Riverians on Facebook. All bets will be binding’.
Front view of Nigeria’s apex court, Supreme Court of Nigeria 
Accordingly a Honourable Member of the 8th Cross River State House of Assembly representing Ogoja State Constituency, Mr. Peter Odey, pledged the sum of five million Naira. While Mr Tony Undiandeye, a aide to the state governor staked his living property. However, Chief Morphy adviced him to confer with his wife.
This flyer represents the religious dimension to the Ayade Vs Agi anticipated final ruling come 9th December 
While this may appear to be hilarious as there’s no official document formalising the entire proceeding, the incident no doubt goes a long way to reveal the degree of polarisation the state is currently characterised with. It shows the extent of the divide and the cocksure certainty of each member of the political divide. But, only time will tell.
All hands are on deck, even the religious, for Joe Agi SAN. Hmmmmm… 
Efio-Ita Nyok
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