AYADE’S HISTORIC VICTORY: How Numerology Failed Flawlessly

Jubilant Ayade(L), Morphy —so certain a mystic 
Efio-Ita Nyok|11 December 2016
On Friday 9th December 2016 the Supreme Court of Nigeria delivered a definitive judgement in respect of the suit: Joe Agi SAN Vs CRS PDP filed by Mr Joe Agi SAN, an aspirant who participated in the 2014 PDP gubernatorial primary prior to the 2015 general election. In the said suit, Agi asked Nigeria’s apex court to disqualify Mr Ben Ayade as the due gubernatorial candidate of the PDP on grounds of perjury and loss of membership of the PDP —prayers the court historically denied Agi. In her judgment, Justice Ogunbiyi posited thus, ‘I endorse the judgment of the Court of Appeal, Abuja Division. This appeal is devoid of any merit and it is hereby dismissed.‘ This ruled out any further questioning from Agi.
One of those instances Chief Morphy was so certain of Agi’s winning
Nevertheless, the decision of the Supreme Court ran counter to the projection of a mystic in the person of Ogoja-born Chief Ray Ugba Morphy who had contended on November 2016 that the ruling of the nation’s apex court would be in favour of the appellant Agi. Chief Morphy particularly supported his protection using what he referred to as ‘numerology’. In his exact words, 
Chief Morphy was so sure Agi would win the suit 
‘For the Cross River matter, I ask you to study the number 9 and the number 12 and their friendship with positive vibrations. By the way, 9 is the end of a cycle while 2016 is 9 squared which emphasises the end of that cycle begun in 1999 which is 1 and represented a beginning. In numerology 9-12-2016 = 3. So you have 9 as the date, 1+2=3 as the month and 2+0+1+6=9 as the year. QED!’. When he referred to ‘the end of the cycle’ in 2016 on a 9th December, it was obvious he must have been referring to the end of Governor Ben Ayade’s administration and thus the beginning of a new cycle of government.
While Chief Morphy’s projection scaled through in the cases of Edo gubernatorial election, USA Trump’s election and the demise of the PDP with Sheriff coming on board, it failed flawlessly in the case of the 9th December Supreme Court ruling! Hear him out again,
‘I projected the demise of PDP with the appointment of Sherrif, I was proved right. I projected the victory of APC in Edo, I was again proved correct. I projected the victory of Trump over Hilary, it is unfolding before your eyes. I projected people’s victory on December 9th in Cross River and it is clear even to the drunk.
Chief Morphy in his elements prior to the judgement of 9 December 
‘I make bold to say that I am no prophet, I merely know how to analyse trends, forces and hidden tendencies. Sure I am a mystic, mystics are no prophets, we are merely Energy Workers who know a little more than the average man about hidden forces and their effects’.
When he further proceeded to submit that, ‘I write these just to inform those fighting that they can’t win. You can’t stop a tsunami, can you? Nature always wins’, though he may have been referring to the certainty of the court’s judgment going against Ayade, it seem to me that his projections that Agi will enjoy a favourable judgment was like attempting to ‘stop a tsunami’. 
Jubilant Ayade after the judgement was delivered 
Hmmmmm… Nature won against our MasterRay even against the mystic.
Cross River won, neither Ayade nor Agi. Mystic Ray contends that it was Cross River that won. I stand by the Mystic 
Efio-Ita Nyok
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