C’ River-based Online News Portal marks Second Anniversary today! Pledges Improved Reportage

NegroidHaven corporate brand 
Efio-Ita Nyok|4 December 2016
Every 4th December NegroidHaven gets a year older. Today being 4 December 2016, this online news platform marks her second anniversary of reportage.
William Oyo-ita, NegroidHaven CEO
NegroidHaven is a virtual platform whose reporting borders on —news, entertainment, sports, and politics, etc. For the past two years she has concentrated more on Cross River. In relation to other reporting sites in the state she has been tagged as being ‘more engaging and enterprising’.
Amaobi Nelson, NegroidHaven Associate Editor (News) 
In December 2014 this state-wide acclaimed virtual information portal started with seven correspondence namely,
*Ms Blessing Uchechi (News)
*Mr William Oyo-Ita (Entertainment)
*Mr Sam Ekun (Sports)
*Mr Amaobi Osuala (Education)
*Mr Eyo Ene-Okon (Technology)
*Ms Lizzy Adie (Health) and
*Mr Efio-Ita Nyok (Politics).
Albeit, today these size has shrinked to four viz:
*Mr Oyo-Ita (Associate Editor, NegroidHaven YouTube channel)
*Mr Ekun (Associate Editor for Sports)
*Mr Osuala (Associate Editor for News) and
*Mr Nyok (Editor).
Ekun Samuel, the Associate Editor (Sports)  of NegroidHaven 
NegroidHaven has her numerous obvious weaknesses, but has pledged to improve in the forthcoming year especially in the area of increasing her coverage of the state, publishing accurate and prompt reports. Particularly, she promises to be guided by the seven canons of journalism, to wit,
*Freedom of the press
*Sincerity, Truthfulness, Accuracy
*Fair play and
As at December 2015 NegroidHaven made 1500 publications. As I write, she has over 4,000. In 2016 she tripled her 2015 visitors and is still counting. She has had an incredible fan who keeps visiting. We appreciates them all! 
I particularly appreciate Prince Thomas Abi Jr, Princewill Odidi, Inyali Peter, Peter Ofem Ubi, Ifere Paul, Joseph Odok, First Baba Isa, Simon Utsu and all those I can’t identify by name for being encouraging to us at NegroidHaven by way graciously allowing us their articles. Ikakke Bassey of Skil-Hub Leading-edge Ltd, our management consultant for being always there. 
Efio-Ita Nyok, the Editor of NegroidHaven 
NegroidHaven is motivated by the need to contribute significantly towards Africa’s economic, political and cultural development via the instrument of truth. This explains her motto: ‘… Truth in view of Africa’s liberty.’ NegroidHaven’s decade-length vision is to dominate Africa’s media industry. We’ll get there!
The Faces of NegroidHaven during an outing in Calabar, Cross River 
NegroidHaven.org is an aspect of Negroid Haven Enterprise, a CAC-registered public reputation management firm.
Efio-Ita Nyok
Is a Blogger, the Editor & Publisher of NegroidHaven.org