CRSG Branding Campaign: Critical Comments from Popular Commentator on ‘Think Cross River’

Enamhe (L), Cross River State (M), and Prince Abi (R) 
Efio-Ita Nyok|16 December 2016
The Office of the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Executive Governor of Cross River on Branding as occupied by Bekwarra -born Cross Riverian, Barr. Dorncklaimz Enamhe has recently been popularising a branding campaign in the state under the phrase, ‘Think Cross River’.
Despite the fact that the campaign is yet to be fully delineated by the SSA as to what ‘Think Cross River’ embodies and represent, the mantra is beginning to gain statewide acceptance. This does not rule out the idea that there have been critical comments from a section of Cross Riverians.
One of such critical comments is coming from popular social commentator, Prince Thomas Abi Jr, who is contending that Cross Riverians should rather ‘act Cross River’ rather than ‘think Cross River’. Prince Abi explained what he thinks ‘think Cross River’ should entail: for him, think Cross River should be practiced by the state government via paying of salaries of pensioners, alleviating poverty, hunger, providing employment, etc. For him, Cross Riverians —its government, indigenes and residents should act and practice, and not just tout about it. Read him out:
‘Think Cross River’ brand 
‘When we speak with one voice we make meaningful progress. The Cross River we seek is one free of poverty, hunger, poor education, poor health-care, bad road network, housing for our workers, employment for the youths and vocational skill for our women and the right environment for businesses to flourish’, he averred.
‘Thinking Cross River is not just a word. It is something we must practice. We cannot continue to sing “Thinking Cross River ” when we are not thinking Cross River. The government, citizens and friends of Cross River must think and act Cross River.
‘Everyone that talks about Cross River is thinking Cross River. What we should be concerned about is how we  can act Cross River.
‘In thinking Cross River, the government must take the lead by not just preaching the message but acting the message by making life worth living for our people through regular payment of workers salary (local and state government workers and pensioners) and the motivation of the work force’,  Prince Abi continued.
The ‘Think Cross River’ campaign enjoins all Cross Riverians of whatever political divide to place CRS first before differing ideology 
‘Promoting the state through a healthy environment and making the state safe for all and sundry. A state free of robbery and other forms of crimes. That is when we are acting Cross River.
‘Thinking Cross River entails so many things, it means promoting our best brains, inspiring those that have distinguished themselves. And also, working towards making the state the envy of many.
‘Let us act Cross River and practice Cross River and not just saying we think Cross River when we are not’, he concluded.
Do you agree with Prince Abi’s submission? Should we act/practice Cross River instead of think Cross River? 
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