DECEMBER 9; A Day to Remember in CRS —By Richard Romanus


Richard Romanus|9 December 2016 "No weapon formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgement I shall condemn. This is the heritage of the Servants of the lord, and their righteousness is of me, said the lord." Isiah54:17 I am very sure December 9, 2016 will henceforth remain an unforgettable day in the minds of Cross Riverians as it is a day light showed its superiority over darkness, when truth prevailed over falsehood, when the collective mandate of Cross Riverians that was freely given to Sen. Ben Ayade was unanimously affirmed by the Supreme Court and above all, a day when several scriptures of the Bible about God's children was made manifest. The truth is, Yours Sincerely has remained unshakeable, unperturbed, calm and confident about today's ruling by the Supreme Court. It can be recalled that, I had predicted Ayade's victory in an article I titled 'My take on December 9.' I have refused to buy into the falsehood been peddle around by the Governor's detractors right from day one when the issue first came up. At a time when lawyers and non lawyers where relying on their half truth to sack a sitting Governor, a time we heard, some others were setting aside hundreds of dollars for the purpose of bribing judges to get a favourable judgement so as to enable them get power through the back door and a time when enemies of progress of the state thought, stepping up their criticism and abuses on the Governor was going to give them a favourable judgement, I drew my strength from God, the author and the finisher of our faith. I had faith in the prayers of the entire civil service of the State for their Governor, I had faith in the prayers of the over one thousand, seven hundred political appointees, I had faith in the prayers of those politicians who were forcefully retired from active politics but today have been brought to reckoning by the Ben Ayade administration, I had faith in the prayers of the youths of Cross River who have never had it so good since the history of the State. With the recent Supreme Court judgement in favour of Governor Ayade, it is now very clear that, the voice of the people is the voice of God. Like the Holy Bible rightly posited, "whosoever shall gather against thee, shall fall for thy sake." it is a truism that, the operation bring 'Ayade down' brought both friends and foes together but who are they to bring down who God has lifted up? Nobody! I have always maintained that, Governor Ayade is bound to make mistakes like every other human being since no man is perfect. In the course of his one and half years stint as Governor of our dear State, he must have taken wrong decisions or introduced anti people programmes and policies. It is our collective duty as Cross Riverians to continue to utilise all the available channels towards getting him rescind such decisions and policies rather than hiding in the back of a man who wanted to capitalise on a simple mistake anybody can commit to get power through the back door. For Mr Joe Agi (SAN), I must commend his sagacity, fighting spirit and doggedness while the case lasted. His 'Never say Never' spirit is no doubt inspiring but now is the time for him to join hands with 'THE ORDAINED ONE' in the person of Sen. Prof Ben Ayade in moving Cross River forward. Let's join hands and THINK Cross River for a BETTER and more PROSPEROUS Cross River with Sen Prof Ben Ayade. Richard Romanus
Is a Public Affairs Commentator from Oderegha in Obubra LGA of CRS.