Joe Agi’s Corruption Scandal: Trial to Commence after 9th Dec. S/Court Ruling. See Reasons

Justice Adeniyi Ademola(L), Joe Agi SAN (M), DSS Official (R) 
Efio-Ita Nyok|8 December 2016
On Monday 5th December @SaharaReporters tweeted at 10:39 AM that, ‘Arraignment of federal judge Adeniyi Ademola & his wife didn’t happen as planned, bailiff couldn’t find the judge to accept summons.
Supreme Court and Federal High Court justices have been fingered in a corruption campaign from anti grant agencies 
‘Because Justice Adeniyi Ademola and wife couldn’t be arraigned today, their trial is now scheduled to start on December 13 2016’, the tweet concluded.
It will be recalled that on 15 November it was reported by both mainstream and new media that Justice Adeniyi Ademola and wife were involved in a N552 million bribery scandal in the which Mr Joe Agi SAN was implicated in a N160 million slush fund of that chunch.
Attorney General of the Federation Malami (L), Joe Agi SAN (R) 
The embattled judge was scheduled to be arraigned in court on Monday 5th December but because the bailiff couldn’t find a court to handover summon to the arraignment wasn’t successful. The hearing has been rescheduled to 13 December.
All this scandal was coming on the heels of the much anticipated 9th December Supreme Court definitive judgment in the Mr Joe Agi SAN Vs CRS PDP with Governor Ben Ayade as third respondent suit. When the scandal first hit limelight the hope that a section of Cross Riverians had in Agi fizzled. It inspired a kind of realignment with other potential gubernatorial candidates like Odey Ochicha of the APC and Fidelis Ugbo of the LP. 
Agi(L), Ayade (R). These two are involved in a hot legal battle die for final judgment on Friday 9th December 
However, when it dawned on some that the Supreme Court justices will rule not on the sentiment of the scandal hopes were reenlivened.
What does 9th December holds for Cross Riverians?
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