Mrs Ayade thinks greatly about me —Ifere Paul

Wife of Cross River State Governor, Dr Linda Ayade behind the husband on  Power bike yesterday 
Ifere Paul|28 December 2016
Once upon a time, our First Lady was chased out of the office of the First Lady. She stayed more in London than in her home State.
Ayade’s ally, Agogo doubts Mr Paul’s assertion concerning Dr Ayade 
Frank Ayade ruled and controlled the office of the First Lady with his wife-Philomina. For over 1 year and 4 months, Mrs Linda Ayade dreaded Cross River State and the Governor’s Office. At some point, she moved out of her husband’s house because of Frank’s influence.
Comments and counter comments… 
Today, with Frank Ayade reporting to EFCC weekly, and his power clipped by his shoulders, the First Lady, Mrs Linda Ayade is all but too glorious.
If you were her, what will you think about a guy who removed Frank the co-governor from power? She’s having the fun of her life.
Cross Riverians adore Dr Linda Ayade 
Those who taught it was wrong for me to take Frank to EFCC should think again.
A friend who is an SA to the governor, sent these pictures to me. He added that Mrs Ayade thinks greatly about me.
Dr Linda Ayade is obviously very happy. Ifere Paul may be right after all. 
I’m so happy seeing her this happy.
Ifere Paul
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