POST AYADE Vs AGI: Gov Ayade ‘Orders’ Aides to Attack Opponents, Aides Spew Vitriol

Efio-Ita Nyok|12 December 2016
Sequel to the Friday 9th December 2016 historic Supreme Court of Nigeria judgment in the now settled suit —Joe Agi SAN Vs CRS PDP, in which Cross River Governor Ben Ayade was third respondent, aides to the Executive Governor of Cross River State have embarked on an uncultured, disgraceful and uncivilised spree of spewing vitriol at political opponents of their principal.
That was Ajie Paul Abang Abang spewing his vitriol against Barr. Joseph Odok. Is this correct? 
Notable amongst these aides are the Chief of General Staff to the Governor, Mr Martin Orim and the Personal Assistant to the Governor on Youth Affairs, Mr Ajie Paul Abang Abang. Again, we have Egbelo Ntebri Edward who constitute the media team of His Excellency. These trio, as at the moment of going to the press, top the list of those who have decided to throw decency to the wind and let loose their venom on the taxpayers who share differing political ideologies with their principal. However, the Governor hasn’t deemed it necessary to publicly frown at such developments by his aides.
That Gov Ayade’s Chief of General Staff giving it hot to a member of the APC, Ogon Bonaventure Ojar. Was this noble of a public servant in that towering capacity? 
No sooner than the lady-justice read out her judgment in favour of the defendant in the above-mentioned suit a member of the opposition, Ogon Bonaventure Ojar, who by taking to his social media account to register his congratulations to the third respondent demonstrated that he was a fine gentleman who bears no personal grudge(s) against Ayade except airing his reservation in matters of political ideology and policy was attacked by the governor’s aide in words that are unprintable.
This was Ogon demonstrating unrivaled sportsmanship. 
Mr Ojar on his Facebook account conveyed his congratulations to his state governor thus: ‘Congratulations to the governor of Cross River State, Prof Ben Ayade’. On his part, Chief of General Staff Orim responded thus: ‘You are a big fool LOOSER’. Edward was the one who blazed the trail after which Orim followed ignobly. In Edward’s words, ‘Ogon Bonaventure Ojar is a clown looking for public relevance! Someone that can’t mobilize a single vote from his entire constituency. You wanted Ayade out, now the court affirmed his victory and you are trying to realign so as to enable you feed your hungry stomach’.
Ojar admired by a Cross Riverian for such noble traits of sportsmanship 
As if that wasn’t enough, PA Ajie Paul Abang Abang retorted against popular social commentator Joseph Odok in a similar incident of congratulations in the following not-befitting-words, ‘You are just a fool who is afraid of his own shadow due to his bad deeds. Look at someone who calls himself a university lecturer, just imagining what you inculcate into those students, mumu go & engage the students & do the job the federal government is paying you for. You have nothing to engage cross river state government with because the government at the Center that you support has failed woefully, you can not give what you don’t have Joseph Odok’.
Paul Ojeka, a relatively finer breed of media aide 
Leading public affairs analyst, Ifere Paul, wasn’t exonerated in this ignoble spree from Governor’s Office. He personally sent this diatribe to me: ‘Ifere Paul, shame on you. Governor Ayade has won and you’re still a wanted man. We will hunt you until we get you. I know where you rented a new apartment for your wife in satellite town Calabar. We will soon get the address. I will send it to you. When we get your wife, we will get you. You have demonstrated stupidity in your criticism. You’re stupid. You forgot that one with power is bless by God. I will personally see to it that you’re disgraced for calling Prof Ben Ayade, the digital governor of Cross River State names like liar, deceptive, midget, clueless, and you name it. First of all, you’re clueless because you thought Joe Agi the master briber would win. Where’s your face today? You cannot even surmoned the courage to make posts again. Where are your kidnappers brothers whose activities you so know and report on the social media everyday? You’re a criminal that is why the Governor declared you wanted. I am waiting to see what you’re going to do next. Bastard.’ One Emmanuel Akwagiobe Undipeye complemented the anonymous writer above when he added, ‘Mr Ifere Paul, we will not, I repeat take this from you again. Be careful. A word is enough for the wise’.
Ajie Paul Abang Abang, his vitriol is adjudged uncultured 
One finds this plebian characteristics from Ayade’s aides totally unacceptable. More annoying is the fact that the governor hasn’t deemed it important to call his behaving-like-tout political appointees to order. It compels one to suspect that the governor is giving a tacit nod of approval to these unrefined political ‘aloyal boys’ behind the scenes. Nevertheless, one must commend a fine aide of the Governor, Paul Ojeka, who in the same incident and below the same thread by Ojar praised the latter to the high heavens for demonstrating sportsmanship. These are his words, ‘I admire Bonaventure’s tenacity. It speaks of him as a great fighter’.
Ogon Bonaventure Ojar, the man with a fine spirit of sportsmanship. He is suspected to want to jump ship
I was about dismissing the entire bloated over-2,000 aides of the Governor of Cross River State as mere touts enjoying the benevolence of taxpayers not until Ojeka differed with Chief of General Staff Orim, PA Abang, etc in his reply. The onus is on Governor Ayade to clear his name by publicly frowning at his erring aides. I thought he is a ‘politician with ethics’ and his aides should be ‘politicians with ethics’?
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