Roads in Oron approved for construction, to be commissioned May 29, 2017


Marshal Abia|31 December 2016 I did post on this platform and other media available to me on 20th December, 2016 that the Honourable Commissioner for Works has listed nine roads to be constructed and commissioned come May 29, 2017 to mark two years in office of His Excellency Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel. I stated categorically that roads in Oro nation were excluded, abandoned and neglected. I went further to ask if Oro is still part of Akwa Ibom State. I can fantastically state here emphatically that the message has sent strong signal to the Governor and Commissioner for Works. Today, I wish to authoritatively bring to your information, excerpts from the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen. "Governor Udom Emmanuel had long awarded contract for the construction of Attah Street, Ebo Street, Market Square, Murtala Mohammed Way, and AsbestonitĀ  Road." The commissioner also explained that, the reason for the selection of these roads for construction in Oron metropolis is to channel out flood water which had in the past decades, ravaged the city of Oron, killing both adults and children during raining seasons.
Mr Inynageyen said the Market square drainage will be linked to both Awana Esin road and Post Office Street, complete with water channelization to serve as outfalls drainage that will collect the flood water and channel it to the river basin. In his words, Mr inyangeyen said, ”Governor Udom Emmanuel had awarded contract forĀ  additional jobs in Oron metropolis and this will help in deflooding the city. As you may know, this is the second phase of the project and according to our contractor, WE Construction, the Roads will be ready for commissioning during the second anniversary celebration of his Excellency”. Funny, so the roads were long awarded contract for construction and nothing was done about it up until I raised a voice that Oro was not included in the roads construction projects earmarked for commissioning to commemorate Gov. Udom's 2nd anniversary in office. If actually the government is keen on constructing streets within Oron metropolis, I hereby recommend Effiong Essang Street, Ukpong Street, Etifit Street, Housing Estate Road Eyo Abasi, Bassey Enyekung Street, Elvis Okpo Abasi Street, Hospital Lane, Iquita Lane, Bako Street. The list is endless but the government can start with the enumerated ones in this phase then I will still recommend more Streets in the next phase. However, the truth must be told that these are mere streets. What happens to roads like Offi, Udung Uko – Edikor, Eyoabiasang, Oruko – Udung Uwe, Udesi – Edikor – Oruko, Etebi – Enwang with bridge, Ibaka Super Highway, etc. These are roads compared to what is obtainable in other places like Onna, Mkpat Enin, and the rest that are being constructed and dualized. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Let the needful be done in Oro nation.