Robbers raided longest street in Calabar metropolis carting away with clothes for the Xmas

Suspects of one of the recent armed robbery incidents in Calabar 
Efio-Ita Nyok|25 December 2016
Palm street adjudged to be the longest street in Calabar South experienced an  armed robbery incident in the evening hours of yesterday.
N.G Way Supermarket and Chibest Boutique CB located at 55 Palm Street by Elijah Henshaw Street got raided by robbers causing a scare to residents and commuters by 8:00/8:30PM.
The robbers numbering four men rode in an Audi car coming from Atu Street by Palm Street. They were suspected to have wanted to rob the petrol filling standing opposite Abatim Street. But because of the presence of security officers stoutly positioned around there they proceeded to the boutique and supermarket.
As they forcefully collected clothing and mobile devices from the boutique they got stocked by a car which deliberately blocked them. As they made to leave the venue of the robbery and seeing they had been blocked, they released live rounds into the air which caused all and sundry to run helter skelter.
Popular ‘Calabar Calabar’ roundabout  
Police officers were later seen at the scene after the operation of the unidentified men of the underworld.
Efio-Ita Nyok
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