Why I tore the Holy Bible, Udummiri Nwakalu, Anambra Youth explains

Efio-Ita Nyok|18 December 2016
A young Nigerian from Anambra State by name Udummiri Nwakalu on Friday 16 December took to social media account to explain why he tore the Holy Writ of Christians. This decision of his has gone viral causing intense reactions on Facebook.
According to Nwakalu, he decided to rip the book apart because all devotees of Christianity can’t think outside the Bible. He labeled Christians ‘brainless’; the Bible is ‘useless’ and Jesus its founder ‘nonsense’. 
Nwakalu clutching before a camera after ripping the book 
Hear him out:
‘I Destroyed The Bible Because It Is From The Devil, All Christians Are Very Brainless For Believing In This Useless Book That Was Used To Enslave Millions Of People And You Still Praise Your Nonsense Jesus, For The Past 3 Months I Have Been Using The Bible To Wipe My Butt As Tissue Paper Everytime I Go To The Toilet’.
In another occasion he stated again, ‘Bible say this, Bible say that, can’t you think without the Bible. Your brain is obviously useless as without the Bible you can’t make any point. What if I tell you I use the Bible for toilet?’.
This kid must be so disappointed with Christianity 
Are the premises for Udummiri Nwakalu destroying his copy of the Bible valid?
Efio-Ita Nyok
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