Yesterday’s Supreme Court Judgement, the Victor! The Vanquished!! And the rest of us —Abang Ogon


Abang Ogon|10 December 2016 After a Supreme Court judgement one is only able to appeal to God. Victors coast home in celebration and jubilation while the vanquish play the blame game in sober reflection and dereliction, the rest of us continue to watch and pray to God in awareness that power and victory comes from him. This is first a lesson for all of us, moving forward we'd be careful when we fill forms and submit details, our details as submitted also needs correlation, all this noise and mud fight we had was because somebody made a deliberate and avoidable mistake; whether Ayade was born 1967, 1968 or even 1957 doesn't disqualify nor invalidate his candidature, it was indeed an unnecessary error. Today, I am worried about the victor's attitude towards the vanquished, first it was Hon Martin Orim who undermined his exulted office and went vulgar on social media with Ogon Bonaventure, our highly placed Chief of Staff posted "You are A very big fool" on Bonaventure's congratulatory message to Governor Ayade, later it was Boniface Ishamali who took on Chife Ray Morphy very disrespectfully. I see no reason why government appointees should abuse citizens for holding diverse opinions from theirs. Politics is liberal and every man got liberty to associate diversely. Again, critics will continue to suffer until they upgrade on their moral values: you remember Uncle Ray Morphy? Who resigned his appointment on the moral basis that he cannot continue to receive salaries for work not done, the chief that visited AIT to tell the world the devil Ayade is, you remember him? He took to Facebook and posted "Put Your Money Were Your Mouth Is". People came around, did a stake and had a deal. "e come reach time for settlement", Chief is talking from both sides of his mouth, this shows clearly that he won't be any better than AYADE if he had the opportunity. Mbok help me tell him we don't need a last day messenger. "I do what I say and not what I do prophet". I love governor AYADE, I love his zeal and passion to move our dear state forward, I love his idea on youth involvement into politics, but the fact that I hate his pattern of governance is no longer news, I hate that he cannot decipher between needs and wants, I hate that he doesn't do feasibility studies for his elephant project. I am not I sycophant, I owe nobody no apology for what I like or hate, the best gift citizens owe her leaders is truth. I Think Cross River, but I will be sleeping on a bicycle to think without talking when some cranky looking girls just carted away with over 500 million Naira from our state coffers while my local village suffers underdevelopment, our public schools in dare need of help, our health centers totally dilapidated, uncompleted road project with palpable sad health impediment and lives lost daily, old and outdated Abakpa bridge staring us at the face as we continue to ply her daily at our risk. Finally for the rest of Us, let us keep our PVCs save. Cross River State is about to experience the highest level of political prostitution in her history, let us continue to pray to God and remain steadfast, both the victor and the seemingly vanquished will meet again by 2019, hope am not the first to inform you that the chief victor may be wearing another club's jersey. The Rest of us, are me and you, the rest of us is the helpless market woman, the rest of us is the stranded orphan, the rest of is the innocent girl Uncle Ray refused to employ because I confronted him with this Truth, the rest of us makes the majority, we won't die anytime soon, both the Victor and Vanquished needs the rest of us. Tick says the Clock. Ogon Abang
Is a former Student Activist