2016 IN RETROSPECT: Ayade’s foremost Critic, Barr. Odok Cheers C’Riverians & Bites Hard on Cross river based Political Gladiators.


Nelson A.Osuala[1Janurary 2016] In this piece which is intended as a New Year Message, Barr. Joseph Odok took a swipe and reflected on the challenges and issues that characterised the year 2016 especially as it affects the political climate of Cross river State. He presented pertinent issues that confronts a 'Political Crusader for Change' in a Corruption infested Nigeria. You will be amazed at what this legal Practitioner alleges.. Some of them are a take home advise while others are a shocking revelation. Below are his words: "I welcome all friends to this New Year. The New Year offers new opportunities, yes 363 days can be a turn around. Life has taught me lessons and the lesson is no one can love me better than me, the worst that can happen to a person is to live a lie; yes more people are choosing fake life but for 2017, I pray we all realize the dangers of living a lie. I have long learnt the difficulties in living a fake life, it takes more efforts and saps more energy. Let's remember karma, nature fights back on those who live a false ego. It is a burden to live a lie. No one can help you more than you, spend more of your time developing yourself this year. Success is celebrated by all; hard work, consistency and focus is the sure way to success. Love yourself by developing your talent, awaken the giant in you because we are full of untapped potentialities. Politics is a part time, give time to it if you can but more time to developing yourself. With a developed self you will go higher more so because success have many friends. Do not go into politics without another fall back. Politics has competitors, backbiters, betrayers, at a point forces of evil will outsmart you and pull you down; without a fall back as an alternative source of wealth, politics can be so frustrating. Yes I saw more of the frustration in 2016, but trust what? My alternative source of income sustained me, no regrets today because my efforts was an investment and the reaping time is near. Spend more time choosing good friend, there are so many opportunist that will will ride on your back; theirs is to use you and dump you. There are still good people but very very few, one single friend is better than a crowd of opportunist as friends. Discard recklessly anyone that does not mutually respect you, a good friend include your affairs in all engagements. If you find a friend, never take advantage on him or her; include his or her interest in the pursuit of common interests. For wherever there is no mutuality and respect, then there is no friendship! I have since discovered a collaboration of a Cabal that continually share our common wealth amongst themselves in our political clime. Their style is to reach out to those with radical opposition to buy them over and then, gain access and opportunity to carry their evil machinations; I will not fall into their antics but will continually engage the government. Our Cross River State politician are great opportunist, I will engage these opportunist that have reduced our opportunities. God with us with your collaboration we will build a better Cross River State of our dream. Prosperous New Year to all fans and followers" Nelson A.Osuala
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