AMAZING: What father turned his daughter’s face into for ‘unthinkable’ reason!

Artiste Edim Okon (M), Emmanuela’s Tiger- and Jaguar- modeled face
Efio-Ita Nyok|8 January 2017
A Calabar-based artiste who is the CEO of Edimo Art Studio yesterday 7th January embarked on an awesome mission of demonstrating his artistic sleight, but this time around on his biological prodigy —Emmanuela.
Edimo posing with Emmanuela his daughter 
Emmanuela had her face modelled into that of a Tiger at first, then a Jaguar later. The animal face paintings especially the modeling into the identity of a Tiger was performed by the ace artiste Edim Okon popularly called Edimo. Later, his son Lawrence Edim Okon performed the painting of Jaguar obviously following after the artistic dad.
Isn’t it awesome!? I think it is —the paintings by both father and son is an impressive feat.
Lawrence modeling Emmanuela’s face into a jaguar 
Edimo later explains the purpose of his paintings: ‘Seek face paintings for parties, carnivals, stage performances etc…my daughter Emmanuela as my model  –  Tiger face.
‘My son LawrencedimO on it …Animal face paintings.  –  jaguar face.’, he continued.
This feat by Edimo’s family has been commended by fans and friends.
Edimo’s artistic family… The divine Artist must have took his time on the Edimos while designing them! 
Efio-Ita Nyok
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