Antonio Conte Identifies The Tottenham Player He Dreads Most As Blues Travels To White Hart Lane


Ekun Samuel, 4 January 2017
Antonio Conte has expressed his outmost regard for Mauricio Pochettino ahead of the London derby at White Hart Lane today. The Blues are looking to set a record of 14 wins in a row after matching Arsenals' 13 wins in the League set 2001/2002 by the Arsenals' invincibles. Pochettino's men are unbeaten at home in the League this season and Chelsea who ended their unbeaten run at the Bridge last year November are also looking to end their unbeaten run at home in the League this season. Conte has also pointed out one Spurs player he admires most for his work rate and stamina. "This team is a young team," Conte said at a news conference at Cobham Training Centre. "They are growing, every year that passes at this club and to conitnue to work with the same manager means that they are improving a lot. "There is a player who is very important for them now, Wanyama. He is a really good player. He has quality during the game, stamina, work rate and shows great commitment for the team. I like these things about him.  "There is a lot of players who are improving a lot, they are young and improving." "I think Tottenham were unlucky last season, in some games. I think Tottenham is better and stronger, when you compare them to the Tottenham of last season, also they have another year under Pochettino.  "I think there position in the table is only different because we did an incredible run, winning 13 in a row. I consider them a great team. Pochettino is showing that he is one of the best coaches in the world. "I repeat, he is doing fantastic work with Tottenham. Tottenham is one team that can fight to win the title in the present and the future. He is doing fantastic work and they are a really strong team.  "I saw the training ground, I spoke with him and we both talked about football and our ideas of football. I found a lot of similarities, yes. We like to play from the back and in possession to find the right solution to go towards the goal, to finish quickly in front of goal." The Blues will be looking to extend their points to seven, as they sits currently five points clear on top of the League after Liverpool drew with Sunderland on Monday night and lost two vital points in the process.