“Apology Accepted!”- Mercy Johnson Replies Tonto Dikeh, See Details of Fracas!


Nelson A.Osuala[14 January 2017] It was 4 years ago when she opened up what i may describe as her 'unbridled tongue' and did curse her female colleague in the movie industry. Unaware that experience changes the people; the way they think and live their lives. It was this lesson, she came to learn later on in life when he was in the same exact situation as a nursing mother.. indeed she learnt that spinsterhood is not the same as motherhood. No doubts, it was the motherhood experience that  must have worked magic on Nollywood Diva, Tonto Dikeh which led fiery actress to publicly apologise on her  IG page yesterday morning to fellow female actress, Mercy Johnson, whom she had insulted some four years ago, calling the latter's baby a “witch bitch". In what was her new year resolution Tonto resolved and sent her "forgive me" message to Mercy. It reads : “@mercyjohnsonokojie Ever since I had my baby I have been reminded constantly about an ill statement I made about one of your kids a very long time ago. I want to use this medium to say I am so sorry,I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. I had no right to say what I did, I totally disgraced myself with that. As a mom I do realize a lot of things I take in because of the love of my son and I know you only took my insult because of that same love. I am sorry MJ,I am sorry to your lil’ girl or boy.. We don’t have to love each other to realize when we are/wrong•• I have/had no excuse for my behaviour and I also apologize to the fans I hurt/Let down with my words that day many years ago ..To Err is human but to forgive is divine!!! Am not trying to be the better person,You deserve this apology for your Child for the Love I have for God. I found God and everything in my life changed. Let me tell you about him sometime. God bless you and yours!!! Happy new year. Take your time with the process of forgiving my ill-mannered words to your infant but please eventually do”, she wrote. In less than an hour of the post by Tonto Dikeh, as if Mercy Johnson was "just at the door!" She(Mercy) replied with such emotion.. One could feel her tender gentle soul and forgiving heart throughout the lines of her words. Her post reads thus : “@tontolet am shaking and in tears as I read your post. I have learnt the more this morning that the holyspirit is true,cus by him you were in my prayers last night and this morning. I am in shock. I always heard of what an Angel you are. Please,I forgave you immediately King came because I knew that you would have understood how it hurt me. I Love you and I am short of words now but thank you and trust me, I wish you so much happiness and peace. I am already hugging you so tightly. It is well and Purity is Blowing you a kiss too. My God Will Bless You and Keep you Ahead always.” Corroborating the story, Vanguard opened up the real details of Tonto Dike's sins of the past, it avers that 'Four years ago, Mercy Johnson returned to set just months after the birth of her first child Purity, but somehow Tonto Dikeh didn’t think it was okay for a nursing mother to return to set so soon after and thus expressed her feeling through the social media, tweeting that God should give her a husband that could take care of her very well, insinuating that Mercy’s husband wasn’t doing his job enough. Her outbursts got on the wrong side of many of their colleagues who picketed for her statement. But instead of her apologising to Mercy, she fired another salvo, telling Mercy ” Go back and nurse your witch bitch.” Even in one of her interviews, Tonto blatantly declared she was never a friend of Mercy. No one knew what prompted her outburst but some insiders in the industry opined that Tonto was only venting her frustrations for having Mercy who she considered a stiff rival returning so fast to the industry when all attention seemed to be coming her way. There were whispers that Tonto was enjoying the best of her time when Mercy got married and later got pregnant, reason being that, she became a hot cake that producers requested for in and out of Lagos. Mercy’s short absence created enormous wealth for her and she was really feeding fat on that. When she returned Tonto simply blew her top and went on the twitter rampage.' Without much ado, it is wonderful that both of them have made up..That's what being humans can bring; We commit a flaw and then we apologize and make up so that life can continue.! We wish them a happy friendly reunion. Nelson A.Osuala
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