Chelsea Set To Bring Down The Bamboo Walls Of “White Hart Lane” As Antonio Conte Confesses Tottenham As His Biggest Test


Ekun Samuel, 3 January 2016 League leaders Chelsea currently sits five points clear at the top of the table, with Liverpool settling for draw against Sunderland yesterday. Antonio Conte and his men who matched Arsenal winning streak of 13 straight wins in the League, after the fascinating win against Stoke City Chelsea last Saturday. They are definitely looking forward of setting their record by making it 14 straight wins, but Tottenham stands as a brick wall on their way to doing, after coming back from one goal down defeating Tottenham in White Hart Lane November last year. Chelsea broke Tottenham unbeaten run last year November at Stamford Bridge, and Tottenham will be looking forward to avoid a twin breaking and humiliation by their London rivals when they meet at White Hart Lane tomorrow night. Antonio Conte speaking ahead of the game yesterday, admits Tottenham as his biggest test of the season so far. ‘It’s another challenge, another type of football to face [from Stoke] because Tottenham like to play from the back. ‘They like to put a lot of pressure on when you are in possession. We have to prepare very well because this game for sure will be very, very tough for us, but also for them. ‘For sure [this match] is the biggest test. I think for us now every game is the biggest test. [The Stoke match] is another good example for us because you have to beat, to fight every game to win. ‘Tottenham is a good team. Last season they could have won the title and this season they have a stronger team. For sure we will see a good game.’ This game could set to be thriller of the season, knowing fully well what's at stake for both sides at this point of the season.