COME LET’S PRETEND: Nig. Lawyer cites ‘pretence’ in periscoping the Gambian political impasse (Must Read)


Efio-Ita Nyok|17 January 2017 A cerebral Nigerian lawyer has recently taken to his social media account to express his reservations over Nigeria's approach to the current political imbroglio in the Gambia. First Baba Isa popularly called FBI has titled his eleven paragraphs veiled article 'Come let's Pretend'. His theme borders on the pretense of arguably the Nigerian government. Our diplomatic interest in addressing crisis in the Gambia while feigning ignorance of similar domestic crisis especially that in Kaduna. President Yahya Jammeh is refusing to accept election results for the recently concluded presidential election in which Adama Barrow was declared winner. This development has heightened tension in Africa's smallest country. FBI ends his criticism by saying '… Mocking us for living less, adoring mistakes, and satisfying the crowd.' Who is FBI mocking in precise terms —the people OR government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, or the people AND government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Secondly, who is mocking 'us' —Barr Isa or our despicable culture of hypocrisy!? The present author can't say categorically neither is FBI helping 'us' in this regard! But, would we pretend we don't know who he is referring to? Cry, Nigeria!  Excerpt of First Baba Isa's 'Come let's Pretend': Let's pretend that we don't know what we know. Let's pretend that Gambia is more important than Kaduna; pretend that yesterday is better than today while tomorrow get worst. Pretend that you don't know the stoker of the fire that burns in your heart; I will feign ignorance of the umpire of the race my heart runs. Pretend you are in charge when you can't even step on the gear and steer the wheels; pretend the car is moving when it's not even buzzing. Let's pretend we are righteous because we are gazing at the clothed part of a half naked sin, remembering always to forget the feel of the naked part of the half clothed sin. Let's pretend we are holier for not eating the food cooked in the kitchen of our mind, we don't eat the meat but share it with out teeth; pretend, we are better. Let's pretend we don't understand where we stand thinking the misunderstanding will make us outstanding while our stand in the stands is without a stance, shamefully. Pretend you don't see, I will pretend I don't look. Let's pretend we are sensible for the sake of all but us. Let pretense be the science where cowardice is an art. At the end we will have no regrets for pretense will come to our aid again… … Mocking us for living less, adoring mistakes, and satisfying the crowd. Let's pretend. – Firsts Baba Isa
14/1/17 Efio-Ita Nyok
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