Cross River State Assembly of Ineptitude: Their Rubber Stamped Nature

Interior design of Cross River State House of Assembly 
Joseph Odok|15 January 2017
The John Gaul Lebo-led Cross River State House of Assembly has been defined as tools to execute Ayade’s program of looting and misappropriation of funds. It is clear that no project of Ayade is free from a stain of mismanagement of funds.
Not only has the Cross River State House of Assembly failed in it’s oversight function, it has also defined itself as a vehicle to facilitate Ayade’s corruption.
Recall that sometimes this year the Cross River State House of Assembly moved to remove the present day Auditor General of the Federation who had acted as the Cross River State Auditor General for Local Government in the States Civil Service. His sins was refusal to comply with the governor in signing fictitious financial records.
For so many, if you can’t beat them you join them. This is not always the case as the story of the immediate past Auditor General of Cross River State has shown that integrity rather than compromise is the defining feature and propeller of growth.
The story of Mr Anthony Ayine tell how integrity pays. Despite the fact that the John Gaul Lebo-led house of Assembly was paid to remove him, his integrity propelled him to the present rank as Auditor General of the Federation.
Speaker John Gaul Lebo of CRSHA 
Besides the plot to remove Mr Anthony Ayine as Auditor General of the Local Government, the Cross River State House of Assembly has defined itself as grossly inept: the Cross River State House of Assembly has also failed to fine-tune the policies of the Ayade’s government by reducing itself to a tool to be pocketed by Ayade and in fact errand boys of co-govenor Frank Ayade. No project of the governor has proved well conceived and fine-tuned, from super high way, to garment factory, to green police, to Yala-Ogoja-Obudu high way ect. Recently the budget passed by the Cross River State House of Assembly is a budget of shame. We are reaping the result of Liyel Imoke’s imposition of dumb heads. 
Be that as it may, the lesson from Mr Ayine’s case leaves a lesson that  integrity pays. 
Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent