Cross River : Why Youths and Sports Commissioner should work with NYCN


Inyali Peter|25 January 2017 In the course of my social commentary, I deliberately try as much as possible to avoid writing about the gross misconducts of some appointees of Governor Ben Ayade. This is because some of their actions and inactions are so terrible that when exposed to the public, their political carrier may totally be in jeopardy. I don't want to be responsible for anybody's short lifespan in politics. Interestingly, some of them who are ready to go far in politics have the golden opportunity of learning from a few appointees likes Dr. Beta Edu, Declan Genesis, Inyang Asibong, Double E and a few others who have clearly demonstrated that they are more interested in serving the state than being served. They have shown that Nigerian youths are industrious, reliable and great leaders with the potentials to transform Nigeria political instability to a near perfect stage. Although, I'm not too impress with the terror the governor has unleashed on the state economy with his retinue of appointment but the fact that it's dominated by youths gives me reasons to hold back my outright disapproval of the development. Today, youths have been given sense of belonging. They may not be paid as due or enjoy their statutory benefits, but the experience alone is enough to assure us that there's hope for Cross River. But another thing is whether the governor has selected the right people because even him (Governor) don't seem to have confidence in the ability of about 95% of them to contribute meaningfully to the development of the state. This is noticeable in the governor's statement during appointees last retreat that he will only work with 5% because others were only brought in as a means of putting food on their table. However, whether the governor is working with 5% or not, they were supposed to harness their potentials to work together for the development of the state and in the process, prepare themselves and other youths for other leadership positions. But unfortunately, this has not been the issue as they have been more interested in fighting themselves than combating the many problems facing this administration.  Recall that the Special Assistant to the Governor on Students Affairs, Michael Abou have been attacked twice by students allegedly sponsored by some of his colleagues. I have gathered reliably that the crisis which was orchestrated by one of the  Commissioners  is still lingering unresolved. On assumption of office, it was widely speculated that the Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Asu Okang was logged in a titanic fight of supremacy with the Chairman of Cross River state Sports Commission, Hon. Orok Duke. This fight according to findings is the major set back that has led to the lack of sporting activities in the state under this administration. This too is still unresolved. Besides, what really led me to doing this piece is how the same Commissioner has allegedly boxed the state chapter of the National Youth Council of Nigeria to a corner. It is alleged that the commissioner worked against the Chairman of the council, Comrade Ndiyo Ndiyo Prince during the election and since his preferred candidate failed, he  promised to make life difficult for the administration; a promise he has kept to religiously. To make matter worst, the Commissioner in the last two years has allegedly refused to apply for the  five million budgetary subvention for the council. While it is truism that the council have forgotten her core responsibility but instead existed over the years as a youth group of the ruling People's Democratic Party, the current leadership has acted in a way that suggest that the organization is gradually finding it footing and realizing that it assist to protect and promote the interest of the youths not government. This should be a compelling reason for the Commissioner to work with the leadership as they both exist to serve the youths. For an organization which has no other means of generating funds apart from the subvention, it is share wickedness for the Commissioner to sit on the funds which has accumulated to ten million in two years. During the international youths week, the Commissioner allegedly collected three million naira from the government to mobilize the council for the event but ended up sharing it among some female Corps Members he personally invited to grace the occasion. No doubt, as the youth Commissioner, he is the first son of the Governor but Cross River stand to benefit more when these gladiators work together than when they work across board. The government is large enough to accommodate everybody. While I don't want to completely blame the Commissioner for the unfortunate divide, I will appeal to him to open up his arms to accommodate more people. His record of disagreement with other appointees in the administration is a bad omen for him as a person and the government in general. Commissionership is not the bus stop of his political career. It should be a rallying point for something greater. Rather than fight everybody or develop egocentric spirit  that it's either him or nobody for everything, he should spread his tentacles to work with everybody. The common goal should be developing Cross River and nothing less. To the youths council especially, they should come up with clear policy direction. They must earn the Commissioner's trust because it could be that the Comrade Commissioner is acting base on his years of experience on how the council have mismanaged funds. They should not act like past councils that only existed as a mobilization tool for the PDP.  There's always strength in unity. Inyali Peter
Is a Journalist & Social Commentator Efio-Ita Nyok