Gov Ayade lays foundation for Comprehensive Primary Health Center for Yache nation


Betta Edu|17 January 2017 Up until Saturday, I was sure I was the only one who could express happiness at 360 degrees. But I met a nation who could express happiness at 1million degrees (if anything like that existed). I have not witness this level of celebration in along time! I can only imagine the scene when the Governor Sen. Ben Ayade, His quintessential Wife Dr. Linda Ayade and the Commissioner for Health Dr Inyang Asibong come to commission this project few weeks from now. Many years have come and gone, many administrations have come and gone. While other communities felt government presence in one way or the other, the yache nation was left behind. Uchu in particular with a population of over 5, 000 persons had no health center, one shanti classroom block built by community effort with no access road. It is indeed surprising because one would think that yache with the largest amount of polling units and a population of over 10, 000 persons should have attracted government attention long before now. Many thanks to their great son Dr Stephen Odey who has become a voice for his people. He took their cries to the Promise Keeper Sen Ben Ayade, who promised to turn things around for the yache nation. First the shanties in their schools built by community efforts are presently being replaced by modern class room blocks courtesy of Sen. Ben Ayade and now for the first time in history, the Yache Nation will be having a Comprehensive Primary Health Center to deliver quality Health care services to its people under the Ayade care. When the recounted their stories, of the number of women the lose to complications during pregnancy and child birth, the number of under five deaths, deaths from stroke, diabetes, diarrhoea and other diseases, I could clearly understand the reason for that level of celebration. All the chiefs from the seven villages that make up the yache nation have spoken in one voice. "Ayade has brought life to Yache nation, may God bring life to all his dreams and aspirations. We don't need him to come here for any campaign. Since he has chosen to keep his promise by giving us a Comprehensive Health center. We will give him our Comprehensive support and prayers!!!! The women were so happy that they didn't even disperse at night fall…they kept chanting songs with Ayade's name in their local dialect!!! Its our year of reaching the unreached!!! Betta Edu
Is the pioneer Director General of Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency