Governor Ben Ayade To Do List: The things he would never see & will never want to see


Ifere Paul|12 January 2017 * He has not paid Retired Permanent Secretaries their arrears, gratuity, and pensions. Many of these senior citizens are invalids and vegetables now. Some are already dead. * He has not paid retired teachers and other state civil servants. Their arrears, gratuity, and pensions are in doubt. * He has not paid many LGA staff. He has used the LGA biometric data capturing as an excuse for not paying them. * He has not paid the CUDA Staff he sacked for more than 10 months now. * The Superhighway is still at its primary level of construction. Nothing has been said about it since the victory at Supreme Court. * He has not shown any resistance to corruption in the N-Power Federal Government Program. He has pretended not to have heard that some of those mobilized were not paid their 30, 000 Naira stipends. * He has not shown any remorse on the corruption trailing the federal government rice borrowers anchor program. He has pretended not to hear that beneficiaries were paid N90,000.00 instead of N250,000.00. * He has shamefully distributed Ebonyi and Thailand rice in Cross River State. He has not deemed it necessary and in fact is so ashamed to be associated with Obudu rice. * He has not been able to give detailed accounts of what he receives from federal government. He has shamefully refused to tell Cross Riverians what he did with the bailout funds. * He has collected 11.3 Billion Naira from the federal government on the 27th of December, 2016, and has kept dumb, deaf, and blind. * He has gone into the Qua Creeks to do groundbreaking of Calas Vegas. Until now, farmlands that were destroyed have not been compensated for. * He took this high headedness to the farmlands along Ogoja-Obanliku road. He has bulldozed massive marshlands in the name of road construction. Non has been settled or compensated. The bulldozers has long left and the land desolate and left to the elements of weather. * He came with the concept of rice city. The applause is long dead. Rice not seen. Rice money, disappeared. Shamelessly, they sold us Foreign Rice at Tinapa. Ifere Paul
Is a Public Policy Analyst