Greg F. Anyia: Fmr Nig. Expatriate to the Gambia of C’River Origin, writes Yahyah Jammeh an Open letter (must read)


19 January 2017 A LETTER TO PRESIDENT AJJ JAMMEH. Dear President, I still recall your warm reception to us when we arrived The Gambia as Technical Assistants in your country. We shared jokes and collectively laboured to build the Gambia National Youth Service Scheme (NYSS). I still recollect the level of love Gambians had for you as well as your simplicity. It however beats my imagination how you will suddenly lose all of these accolades because of your lust for power. I feel pained by your aberrant disposition to cling unto power even when those who once held you like a deity have said it's time for you to go, through the ballot box. Why must you destroy the small beautiful country which you have laboured to build? What will happen to all my friends in the Gambia. Please and please, you still have a chance to remain great in the hearts of Gambians. Rescind your stance and hand over power for the sake of our lovely Gambia and Gambians. Thank you. Chief Greg F. Anyia
Ex Nigerian Technical Aid Corps