Is there a Carbon Emissions Law Empowering Current Extortions in the Ayade’s Government?


Joseph Odok|22 January 2017 Across the state and in all local government areas, Cross River State citizenry are made to pay a fee for carbon emissions. These fines are inserted into the tax of all commercial motor mobiles; Motor Cycles, Keke Napeps, taxi, trucks, lorries, etc. Also companies operating in Cross River State pay carbon emission fine. The government of Cross River State had formed a committee for enforcement of carbon emissions tax. The committee is chaired by Hon. Paddy Uguge and has head offices in all the local government areas in the state. In a functional democracy running in accord with the rule of law, only the National Assembly or the State House of Assembly can legislate on issues of tax. It's trite that the Cross River State House of Assembly is rubber-stamped and often a tool for extortion in Ayade's government. Could the 8th Cross River State House of Assembly be said to have passed a tax emission law authorizing the government of Ayade to extort from the people through a draconian carbon emission law? It is also a known fact that Ayade has built agencies of extortion across the state; could the tax emission agency be classified as one of the tool of the governor to extort monies from citizenry? What is this whole thing called carbon emissions tax? Can any member of the Cross River State House of Assembly educate us on this? Cross River State has fallen in the hands of hawks, concerned stakeholders must rise to wrestle the state from extortionists. Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent