MARTIN LUTHER’S DAY: Donald Trump meets with Martin Luther King Jr.’s son, See Photo.


Nelson A.Osuala [16 January 2017] Every January 16th of the year, is marked out across the nook and cranny of America, as a day to celebrate the Martin Luther King's day. And today being 16th of January 2017 is no exception. By Calculations, If King himself was to be alive, he would be an old man of 88 years Old. Indeed, the Legend lives on in the heart of all Negros and even the Caucasians. In celebrating today, the US president elect, Donald Trump had a meeting with Martin Luther King Jr.'s son to discuss the civil rights leader's legacy. Apparently his legacy lived on after his gruesome murder. Even though they killed the visionary, they couldn't kill the vision,  He prophesied it and exactly 40years after, Barack Obama became the Dream.. as the first black American President to breakthrough every racial boundaries. MLK had a Dream.. Barack Obama became the dream 40years after! Without much ado, the meeting between the duo of MLK Jr III and Donald Trump was held at Trump Towers. It was there and then that  Martin Luther King III remarked that he had "a very constructive meeting" with the president-elect and touched on how he hopes to be a "bridge-builder" to help the country "become a greater nation" moving forward. "The goal is to bring America together," King said in the lobby of Trump Tower this afternoon. Afterwards, Trump elated with joy immediately took to his Twitter handle, and wrote: 'Celebrate Martin Luther King Day and all of the many wonderful things that he stood for. Honor him for being the great man that he was'. Indeed, he was such a great man who died for a cause that bettered mankind.. What a man of Age he was! Nelson A.Osuala
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